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  1. Catcher: Realmuto 1b: Carp or Mancini 2b: Altuve ss: Was Seager now Semien 3b: Suarez until Rendon gets healthy Outfield: Peralta, Delino, Brantley, Hicks (Buxton and Fowler on bench) Utility: Albies
  2. Matt Carpenter has gotten off to a horrible start and Mancini hasn't been much better. Would dumping Mancini in favor of Matt Adams be a good idea? Seems as though Adams could be the long term first base option against RHP. Should I expect that to be the case? If so would Adams indeed be an improvement over Mancini? If not what about Colin Moran or Mitch Moreland?
  3. Legitimate chance of a promotion this month? Lost Corey Seager for the year and picked up Semien to replace him. If I were to pick up Adames relatively soon would he be a solid bet to outproduce Semien once a promotion occurs?
  4. My Outfield is now: Delino Peralta Brantley Hicks With Buxton on the bench. Decided to release Fowler and pick up Soroka. Hoping to find lightning in a bottle with him like I did with Albies. Now in a given week the fight for the last rotation spot will be between Soroka, Odorizzi and Jordan Montgomery. I remember last season Fowler started off relatively slow and then heated up. Hoping he doesn't do the same thing this year.
  5. Any chance Adames arrives during the early part of Summer? Same question with Nick Senzel , since with Suarez entrenched at Third Senzel might be given starts at Short. Also would you recommend giving up on Fowler or Carpenter? Both are 32 and have given subpar production for the first month of the season. I inserted Mancini at First and Aaron Hicks in the Outfield in their places this week.
  6. Received another trade offer from a different owner: Altuve and Knebel for Xander and Darvish. Didn't consider that for a second. At least with Ozzie to Didi I would be getting similar value. Altuve to Xander would be a significant downgrade. I'm not a huge Darvish fan either due to the injury history and high walk totals. Semien should at least provide tolerable production. Any chance Daniel Robertson is something more than a multi week wonder?
  7. Any projection on which is likely to regress more severely: Albies' Home Runs or Didi's Walks? Also I would be putting Suarez in the Utility slot once Rendon gets healthy again. If you were in my shoes would you be content picking up Semien rather than dealing away Albies to fill a hole?
  8. I would also be giving up Knebel for Barraclough, which clearly is advantage opponent. I'm going to try and offer a different addition, since there's a MASSIVE gap in worth going from Knebel to Barraclough. Am I correct in assuming this gap is too much to make the deal worthwhile? Other Shortstop options are: Semien Arcia Eduardo Escobar Rosario Crawford Ahmed Profar Daniel Robertson is also available.
  9. I'm one of many people who used an early round pick on Corey Seager. Now I'm obviously in need of help at Shortstop. I'm being offered a two for two deal. But the key is acquiring Didi for Ozzie Albies. The five offensive categories are OBP, stolen bases, runs scored, RBI's and Home Runs. Based on these categories is Didi a fair return for Ozzie? Also keep in mind Ozzie is my utility man, since I have Altuve at second. So Albies is somewhat more expendable for me than your typical owner. Two other key questions. Ozzie wasn't a big Home Run hitter in the minors.
  10. I'm actually in a similar situation to the thread author. I have Mancini as my temporary first baseman (at least until Carpenter looks competent again). However Tyler Austin is clearly outproducing him. When Bird is healthy again is it a sure thing he takes at bats away from Austin? Bird's career number's don't exactly warrant taking over for a productive hitter. So should I consider releasing Mancini for Austin? Or possibly even Carpenter for Austin?
  11. Thinking of releasing him? At the age of 32 I'm not sure if Carpenter is just having a bad month or in the midst of a massive decline. Same thing with Fowler. Do you think Rendon's 2017 has a legitimate chance to repeat itself (or at least relatively close). Because his numbers outside of that one big year really aren't that better than what Suarez did last year.
  12. Suarez was released by an Owner after the HBP injury. I proceeded to pick him up and lucked out when his DL trip wasn't as long as expected. Anyways I could really use a First Baseman since Carpenter has been an underachiever so far this season. Anthony Rendon, who is also on my team, is a significantly bigger name than Suarez. However Rendon's career production, outside of 2017, isn't much better than what Suarez did last year. So if I could acquire a good first baseman for Rendon should I make the deal with the thought process Suarez is a legitimate threat to produce numbers
  13. Cub fan who has Carpenter and Fowler, so I don't get to watch a significant amount of their games. However both have gotten off to slow starts. Should I keep starting them weekly? Bench them until they get hot or consider releasing one (if not both). PS:I have Aaron Hicks and Trey Mancini as bench options (in case either sounds more appealing). Buxton too, although I'm not sure when he's due back.
  14. Before the season started I was offered Dozier, Carlos Martinez and Greinke for Altuve. The league I'm in is based on OBP, runs scored, RBI's, Homers and Stolen Bases. Based off this criteria should I attempt to re-ignite this trade discussion? The lack of power and speed with Altuve has been mighty frustrating so far. Also I have Fowler and Matt Carpenter on my team. I've been starting them every week because of their quality track records. Are they at the age where the days of them being clear cut above average producers are likely done? Not sure if I should stick with th
  15. Massive Cub fan here. Pretty simple way to summarize Almora is trash versus RHP and elite versus LHP. If in a given week the Cubs face lefty starters four+ times I'd gladly snatch him up (since he's likely available in the vast majority of leagues). Also once Zobrist gets healthy and Happ looks competent at the plate again that will eat into Almora's RHP starts too.
  16. Glad I didn't release Delino after he got hurt. As long as he continues hitting leadoff his run and stolen base totals could make him a total stud. His OBP last season was tolerable too. Now Buxton just needs to get healthy and productive for my Outfield to be tolerable again.
  17. Sorry to leech off this thread but apparently new members can't start new threads in this section. I'm being offered for Jose Altuve Dozier, Carlos Martinez and Greinke. The offensive categories are runs, homers, rbi's, walks, SB and OBP. Altuve to Dozier is obviously a downgrade at second. Is getting C-Mart and Greinke enough to justify the downgrade? Thanks.
  18. Trying to start a thread in the fantasy baseball thread, but the new topic button is available. So I'm going to start this thread with the hope that having one post allows for a new thread in the afore mentioned section. Hope that helps.
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