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  1. Hi Frank, Your league sounds very interesting to me. I started playing APBA with dice and cards in the mid-60's. I played the complete 1968 NL season - every game, and kept full stats updated for each day of the season! I was definitely the ultimate APBA baseball geek as a kid. After college, I got into fantasy leagues (MLB and NFL) and only played a few seasons of APBA since. I've played the computer game and got into all-time drafts and had lots of fun pitting historical franchises against each other. It has been quite a while, but it is exciting to think about getting back into it. Please send me info/links to your league/site. I'm in a semi-retirement mode and do have the time to be active and involved (I've been doing fantasy leagues the last few years, so I'm pretty up-to-date on MLB already. I look forward to hearing from you! L.J. Honeycutt ljhoneycutt@hotmail.com
  2. Experienced owner looking for a league to draft tonight or this weekend. Will consider anything, but prefer Roto / Snake draft / $$ up to $100. Contact me anytime, I'm ready to go!!! L.J. ljhoneycutt@hotmail.com
  3. I'm interested. I'm new on this site, but plenty of experience for many years. Thanks, LJ
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