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  1. That was 2020. It's now 2021. Did you see what he did in Spring Training? He may give up a ton of walks, or he may not. This guy gets strikeouts. I'm rolling the dice with him.
  2. I was hesitant to start him, but I did. Had a fairly decent outing vs Houston. 5 IP, 6 Hits, 1 BB, 4 K's, 2 ER, and the Win. I'll take it compared to where he's been.
  3. Probably Cy Sneed, Fernando Rodney, or maybe Bryan Abreu. I expect Pressly to run with it though.
  4. I think the guy that has the chance to be the most like Acuna with the speed/power combo is Luis Robert. A lot of experts keep saying he may struggle early in his career until he adjusts to major league pitching, but so far he's proved everyone wrong at every level he's played at in the short time he's played. So far so good in Spring Training too.
  5. Brock you're a frequent poster on here. It's obvious you do your homework when it comes to prospects. Care to share your top prospect sites you trust most?
  6. I don't know what to think. I've always been a big believer in Fangraphs. Here is a snippet of their thoughts on Lynch. TLDR Lefties up to 97 don't grow on trees and Lynch has several viable offerings to mix in with the heater. Full Report On the Cape and in the first half of his junior spring, Lynch looked like a solid third round prospect, a pitchability lefty sitting 88-92 mph with mostly average stuff, and above-average feel and command. In the month or so leading up to the draft, Lynch's velo ticked up, and down the stretch he sat 92-94, touching 95 mph deep into
  7. I agree. No offense to Shelly, as she did a great job, I just trust Eric more than most.
  8. They're releasing a Top Fantasy Prospect list today for Dynasty Leagues. Can't wait to see it, and compare it to their regular list.
  9. I like him as well. Hoping to get him in a late round of our rookie draft. Definitely will shoot up if he is a catcher.
  10. I like James too. I think I trust Fangraphs more than any other service, than Baseball America/MLB Pipeline.
  11. Team Dynasty


    They got picks 1 & 2 correct, but I agree with the others Torkelson should've gone higher. Kumar Rocker is a steal that late in the 2nd round. I read somewhere the other day about what a beast he is, and he's a future ace. Some like him far more than Emerson Hancock.
  12. Totally disagree with this. Luzardo & Puk will both be in Oakland's starting rotation on opening day. Their manager will get creative, and limit their innings. He will want both of them ready for the post season.
  13. I had the first pick that year in our FYPD. I typed in Franco. Before I hit send, I second guessed myself, erased his name, and typed in Daniel Flores. I selected Flores because he was a catcher. Life was then tragically cut short for Flores, as he passed away from cancer later that year in November. Life is so precious. We sit here and play in a fantasy world, but there are some of those in real life that have tragedy strike them. My heart felt so bad for his family at the time. Hug your loved ones, and if just maybe you have something going on with someone in your life that you miss, be the
  14. Not Coach George, but I'm targeting all 3 of those as well. I really wanted Noelvi Marte, but someone snatched him up in our Rookie Draft last year. I've researched these 3 quite a bit, and from what I've read Pena & Martinez are pretty close, and Matos is behind the other two. All 3 very high ceiling prospects that would be studs if they reach their potential. I'd love to hear @Coach George opinion, and some others on this site as well.
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