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  1. Out of all the chances you have had to say this, why say it when he has a 3 game hit streak with 5 hits the past 3 games and a bomb
  2. Finally dropped Wade Davis after yesterdays nightmare. Am relieved, as I had been carrying both him and Oberg for over a month
  3. He’s been successful as the fireman outside the 9th so why F with it?
  4. Yeah baretto isn’t much of an obstacle. Between the pedigree and 2nd half he had last year, I’ll just say weirder things have happened than him having value down the stretch.
  5. 3 Hr’s past 6 AB’s. Probably nothing but I am picking up hoping I can catch lightning in a bottle
  6. Hoping Voth can be serviceable and make up for losing Montas
  7. Is he being platooned now? See he’s been benched a few times this week
  8. I expect Gallen by mid June, if he continues to pitch so well what incentive is there to leave him in the minors. I know it's the marlins and their FO has earned much goodwill but they are trying to develop talent. Some no pressure starts in the majors would make sense unless you are trying to delay his service time another year which would be outrageous
  9. Most of us paid barely anything for Buxton and steals are scarce as hell so not sure what the race to sell high is. Who are you going to replace his stolen bases with?
  10. Urias with a 3 inning save for his 2nd of the year, very intriguing.
  11. Yeah but if you want the best setup man in baseball turned closer you obviously have to pick him up ASAP and take the risk, aka the entire point of this thread. Trivino is worth rostering in non holds leagues for the ratios already. And considering we get excited about Shawn Kelley and Chris Martin here I'd say this is defcon 9 Treinens velocity was down last time out when he blew up too
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