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  1. just walked into this thread, no idea what you guys are talking about but it doesn't sound like Frankie Montas lol 😂 Tough lineup tonight against Houston but he has looked decent, a good start tonight and he is going to be listed as a buy on most fantasy sites tomorrow
  2. I thought the split looked good, that was a weak contact infield hit that otherwise should have ended the game
  3. Be me, own both Neris and Wilson Ramos "Well no matter what happens I get a save or production from ramos!" Ramos HBP and in pain
  4. https://fantasy.fangraphs.com/the-sleeper-and-the-bust-episode-673-vogelvicius-faab-pickups/
  5. Eno Sarris and Paul Sporer say buy All aboard!
  6. 5-2 rockies, Wade Davis in for the 1 out save after Scott Oberg records two outs but allows a HR to Myers and now a double to Hedges. Thx for the Save Opp chump! edit: 4 pitch walk o lawd
  7. Not in the starting lineup tonight. Bummer
  8. Season has not been good but he is 5 for his last 12 with 4 runs, a walk and 3 sb. Don't drop him just yet. .366 OBP and 6 walks past 2 weeks
  9. Interestingly, he hasn't walked once so far this year. Can't blame him for wanting to swing when Roberts benches him every other day lol
  10. For someone who everyone was predicting the demise of, Bumgarner looks like his old self. I've watched every start, am aware that the grand slam isn't accounted for in his ERA. He has been left in too long a few times. This seems like a clear case of prior poor performance due to injury, not decline. Not exactly elite, but reliable with almost a K/inning.
  11. His obp is .400, I just bought (sent Belt for him)
  12. guy is about to fall off the mound after every pitch can't believe I forgot how much I hate watching this guy
  13. Had trouble with walks last start as well
  14. Apologies for double post, most pertinent information I could find on the Nats sub "Carter just got assigned to Fresno today... I think they're probably going to have to get someone from Harrisburg for the day game tomorrow"
  15. Grabbing him as a speculative add, not really expecting much
  16. The HR was off the Scherz I think that definitely warrants being mentioned
  17. I mean you have to have picked him up expecting this. Enjoy the ride for the handful of starts that we do get he will probably have some degree of value as the best SP/RP in the game. There's also always the chance that Dodgeritis works out in his favor
  18. Any lineup that’s not the tigers or giants would punish a pitcher for 5 walks. Is there upside potential? Yes. Is this guy reliable at all? I don’t think so. I watched his start yesterday and was thinking he is a guy that box score warriors will want to add, and THEN realize his control issues
  19. The difference is a lot of these international prospects are drafted for their raw tools and athleticism that will hopefully allow them to adjust to major league pitching. Eloy and Moncada are strong, athletic and hit the ball hard. But they aren't any guarantee to develop the baseball IQ needed to succeed at the major league level. I also think getting big paydays after coming from extreme poverty takes some of the wind out of these guys sails. Money is a huge motivator, and these guys have seen a lot worse than any of us. Baseball is a joke in comparison and Eloy just got guaranteed big buck
  20. He was #1 on my "NEVER AGAIN" list last season, and just like that he's back on my roster. Might sit him for a few starts though
  21. Yeah it's hard for me to trust him after how bad he was last year (worst qualified starter in baseball), I grabbed him though
  22. Virtually everyone deals with injuries. The managers with the most depth who played the wire the best win.
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