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  1. Urias starting the year in the rotation with recent news of Hill starting the season on the IL (Knee strain) along with Kershaw.

    He will obviously be hard up for 6 ip QS's and very possibly moved to the bullpen soon, but he is a solid pickup in deep mixed leagues for ratio help. I picked him up, no expectation that he sticks, but if he can get me 4 solid IP over a couple starts I am more than happy to have him as a 5th/6th SP with his upside. 

  2. 20 hours ago, thezing1 said:

    If they don't it will only be for a couple of weeks so they can control him for another year. It sucks, but that is the way the game is played. Majority of people would argue that if the Reds were smart they would not start the season with Senzel. If they controlled him for another season they would essentially locks in his prime years or they could negotiate a long term contract that buys out a season or two of free agency and completely locks in his prime. I would love to see the Reds treat him right and play him out of the gate...and in return Senzel shows appreciation through loyalty. But, finding clubs to give up a year of control for a couple of weeks in March/April is tough to find. 


    Agree 100%, it's the right thing for a FO to do. Though I am waiting for and expecting, especially with how this offseason and talk of tanking has gone on, for a team like the Padres or Reds to start the season with a player like Senzel or Paddock up to make a 'statement' about being ready to compete and to try and get a fanbase excited. Regardless of service time. Don't get me wrong I know it's not practical but I think we will see it at some point. Could serve as a culture shift for some teams that have been losing.

  3. 48 minutes ago, 24/7fantasysports said:

    When will they announce if he is in the starting rotation or sent to AAA?

    I know to temper expectations with Spring Traing stats and results but its looks promising for him to be a starter. 


    That's exactly what I was thinking. It sounds like he has a really good shot to crack the rotation. I asked Nick Pollack of Pitcherlist his thoughts on Sheffield two days ago and he replied this:

    Hey there!

    I’m a fan entering the year, especially with his polished changeup. Only question is when he gets his shot with the Mariners, but I could see it happening around the end of April after his service time extends him another year.

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  4. 24 minutes ago, kwolf68 said:


    Yep. He done as  closer. Thing about Melancon is he's the victim of this new age of high velocity, where if you throw hard enough you can cover your mistakes. Melancon is pretty much a soft tosser at this point and his mistakes are meatballs. When he's "ON" he's still a quality pitcher, but if he's off it's like lighting a gas can. 


    I know it's just spring but he's really not even worth speculating on as a 3rd or 4th source of potential saves at this point. I thought he was done for good last year with the gray arm tissue thing. I can't see the payoff being worth the risk or roster slot at all, even in a league where saves are really hard to come by and valuable. 

  5. Just picked him up, dropped my speculative RP. I think he is starting to warrant a lot more discussion, as I have seen practically none.


    Per ESPN today 3/8

    Sheffield fired 3.2 scoreless innings in an afternoon intrasquad game Thursday during which he faced Dee Gordon, Mitch Haniger (back), Edwin Encarnacion and Ichiro Suzuki, Greg Johns of MLB.com reports.

    Spin: The promising prospect certainly faced a formidable test in the form of a quartet of hitters with a combined 16 All-Star appearances between them, and he came through with flying colors. Sheffield allowed just two hits and rang up six strikeouts, with five of them coming within the first eight batters he faced. The 22-year-old received rave reviews for his performance from Haniger, who heaped praise on Sheffield's fastball command, changeup and slider. A key piece of the James Paxton trade last November, Sheffield was already impressing prior to Thursday, as he's fired four scoreless inning in spring play while allowing just one hit and recording six strikeouts.
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  6. Guy got drilled in the head last year on top of the bone bruise. He is a safe bet for elite OPS as his hit tool is on Joey Votto's level. The power is discouraging, and he's not coming at much of a discount, but he's up there with Rendon and Votto for safest OBP/SLG ratio bets you can have, with the potential to go off at any time. I had him last year and understand the frustration or hesitance, but his baseball IQ and talent pedigree are at the highest level.  

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  7. 1 hour ago, Sidearmer said:


    Bochy has said he will name a closer but will wait a few weeks. For what its worth Melancon has been brutal so far in Spring so if this is a true battle Smith has to have the advantage right now.


    Smith has the advnatage but Bochy seldomly uses lefty's to close out games regularly, he goes committee with Smith likely to be on top of it. If Melancon flames out completely though it's harder to say. I think he will get some opportunities for sure, they both will. 


    -lifelong giants fan/SF native

  8. I got him 4th round, 80th overall in a pitching heavy league. I know everything points to a decline, but since he is my SP4 I felt like I was in a better place to take a risk. I think he has a relatively high floor even if his numbers aren't as sexy as they used to be. Hoping he's healthy again and has another one in the tank

  9. 3 minutes ago, bradwatson said:

    Sir Anthony is going to run away with the job sooner than later imo. This year's Rivero. Yes I own him.


    If he has anything going for him it's that the Phillies are in contention. And while Kapler is gonna make it needlessly complicated, at a certain point he's going to stop using Neris and bad pitchers in spots where they blow games. As opposed to noncontending team that wants to build a less valuable RP up to trade him. I'm optimistic

  10. 2 minutes ago, aifan27 said:

    Sir Anthony.......is the closer?


    Hopefully but not 100% sold yet, it's Kapler. Very encouraging, at the least. I think he will get more chances. Just would not be surprised if Kapler makes it frustrating. 


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