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  1. Just traded for him yesterday, hoping for a quick inning two out save but don't expect that lol. Doubt Kapler would let him go two unless it's maybe under 10 pitch inning
  2. I went with Santana figuring that some people might look at Feliz's bad stats (past 3 outings) and leave him on the wire. If he gets the first save opp I'll be monitoring closer than anyone else and grab him then.
  3. Went with Santana. Figure you just have to go with the usage, even if Rodriguez is the higher upside guy. Have to think for a may or maybe not contending team like the Pirates, saves are an opportunity to turn someone into trade value. I don't know enough about the situation to say how they value Santana and Rodriguez. If one is expendable and if they want one to be on their next contending team.
  4. Feliz has been hot garbage lately and the other guy has been used in low leverage, meh idk
  5. If my team had allowed one less hit today, I would have won If this was ruled an error instead of a hit, I would have won Tell me this will be appealed and ruled an error, frens.
  6. I know he's been good lately but I swear Nola always lets leadoff guys on and struggles 1st inning
  7. Please don't send Urena back out. Please. He's at like 105 pitches. I need this QS baaad
  8. Moderately concerned about Cody Allen's recent overuse, performance, and then lack of use. April 17th to now: 10 appearances, 9 IP Since April 27th: 4 IP, 6 ER, 6 walks, 9 hits, 2 K's He has not been used since May 6th, which was when he had his first blown save. I think he is likely fine, and that something would have come out by now if otherwise, but still something to take note of. When over-analyzing these situations you have to be ahead of the curve to ever benefit from them.
  9. Clippard used in the 9th, after Oh and Tepera. 0 ER, 2 K's. Tie game extra innings.
  10. Gausman allowing so many singles in some starts, but no walks lately, K's been good
  11. Seeing him work from 3-0 to the pitcher (Gio trying to bunt) to a 3-2 K was nice. He's got some fight in him. Plenty of guys would have walked the goddam pitcher there
  12. These swings do not look very Markakis-esque, at all really. Theres a lot more upside here. Markakis is the definition of decent floor without any ceiling.
  13. Not arguing your point but I'm willing to cut some slack for last start because the heavy rain, he settled in.
  14. quoting myself/updating with latest .2 innings and adding the prior .1 inning from the 27th Past 4 innings (5 appearances) since April 27th, 6 runs, 6 walks, 9 hits, 2 K's Not feeling good about this, I own Allen and Miller is rostered by someone else. I would own Miller if you can. It's his "1st blown save", even if he's been really bad lately, but yeah, something is not good here
  15. So Cody Allen is bad now? 5 walks 3 hits past 3 innings whats goin on
  16. Well, I benched Code Allen for Hader this week (only 3 rp slots and have to win saves) because he has been bad lately, see how that works out.
  17. Pretty solid stream against the Marlins. Nearly anyone is, though
  18. Godley with the clutch DP. Guy can get groundballs, that's for sure.
  19. He got squeezed against Joc and again first pitch to Verdugo
  20. Yeah he was touted as a safe reliable floor pick, too :/
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