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  1. will be interesting to see if they sit him against the reds because they are the reds
  2. even his walk was on a beautiful pitch
  3. They fired someone for exactly that last time so apparently naw. His pitch count so high too, idk why they would leave him in well I'll be. Benched a QS and a lot of K's. Can't fault myself for it given my matchup context this week though lol @ people dropping him, though
  4. well, would have spiked my blood pressure but would have gladly taken Castillo's line instead of having it on my bench. Overall encouraging
  5. Severino pumpin those fastballs with confidence
  6. Seeing Castillo pump his fists after that K, he definitely strikes me as someone who needs to build confidence and isn't sure of his stuff. The sleeper and the bust guys talked about him getting rattled after having a really good changeup hit a few days ago. Is kind of a non-statement but think a lot of this is in his head and his mental game
  7. Castillo with a 2 out infield single to the pitcher moving the runner to 3rd. While I would have taken the production thus far (1-0), nice to not have to stress watching Castillo labor 73 pitches in 4 IP so far
  8. GD Nola needed that double play, pitchcount is already high for 2 innings. Laborious so far
  9. Every time I check on Nola the leadoff guy is on base with no outs :/
  10. As a Giants fan, Bochy has had a huge boner for Strickland for a long time. They have been grooming him to close ever since 2014 when he could only throw a fastball. He has been given opportunity and chances coming through our system that most guys never come close to getting. He had a lot of leash then and that seniority/pull has only grown since he's added that new pitch, the Harper fight did not help in that department, tho. I wouldn't be so confident about Melancon, durability will continue to be a concern. With all that said about Strickland's seniority, Giants would probably love to trad
  11. If really needed, after the save just now ST. LOUIS (AP) — Greg Holland is out as the Cardinals’ closer, and Bud Norris is in. John Mozeliak, the team’s president of baseball operations, made the announcement Tuesday. The Cardinals signed Holland to a one-year, $14 million deal on opening day and the three-time All-Star is 0-1 with a 7.36 ERA in 10 appearances. He has one blown save, which came Friday in Pittsburgh when St. Louis was leading 5-2 in the ninth inning. He pitched in Sunday’s loss to the Pirates and gave three hits and one earned run in one inning.
  12. Yeah there's really no practical reason to do so. Matheny is not watching Norris do his thing and saying to himself "Yeah but we really need Holland doing this right now" I think this one can be laid to rest for a bit now.
  13. He has been solid as hell. The Cardinals are savvier than needing Holland to pitch the 9th for trivial reasons. I'm sure they would be happy if he could just be reliable in any inning in general. Norris got 19 saves last season so it's not like he is a slouch if we are valuing saves for the sake of saves like we have been with Holland
  14. poor little billy hamilton's time for reckoning now, 0-2 count quick He strikes out on a desperation foul bunt lololol, Hader 6 K's 7 AB's
  15. Is something wrong with Cody Allen? He should have got out of that on the ground ball, but two nights in a row having trouble locating
  16. is okay friend. Hader 5 K's 6 AB's, jesus this guy is something. Do they let him go a 3rd inning is my question. No need to, though
  17. It's information for people at least interested in usage, no need to be testy
  18. Hader in 6-5 in the 7th for the brewers, K's Votto right away Schebler K's. Hader is ridiculous
  19. 13 hits 5 walks in 14 ip, don't really want to lotto ticket that right now
  20. A lot different when you say it like that as opposed to, 3 on opening day, 2 today and then one somewhere in between
  21. fun facts Twins are 4 games under .500 Rodney has blown 4 games (nvm he got a W for one of his blown saves)
  22. Yeah i jumped ship from Norris to Reed. Don’t even feel very good about my decision, lol. Just the directions things seem to be trending in, but they could both end up being wrong. Personally don’t think Stl cares that much where they use Holland, but what do I know
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