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  1. Leaving Gioloto in for the 7th resulted in a walk, a double by Brian Dozier and the loss of his QS when they pulled him. That wasn't predictable at all! He was on my bench anyways edit: May still have a QS
  2. I don;t know if we will have two more bogus "quality" starts this year than Gioloto's so far. I hope they pull the plug on him so I can try and swap him for anything to someone solely on his name value and those 2 QS
  3. And the royals, and the tigers who were very generous to only score 5 runs
  4. I was thinking that too, he has openly talked about getting in his head and it effecting his performance in the past. But he made it sound like there had been progress. And it's not like the sox are expected to be competitive.
  5. I have had bad pitchers but this is another level. As the announcers just said about his pitches, he doesn't even look competitive. I don't understand, he really looks like a bad single A player with no future. This can't all be cold weather
  6. Thank you. There is NOTHING there. Not even a for a moment. He has looked that bad. I don't understand. What happened to the pedigree? The velocity or improvements from the spring all gone
  7. Idk how much longer people can keep saying the cold is whats throwing him off. Maybe bench and hold but he hasn't shown anything that gives me hope. And by that I mean if you allow him to be bad but look for some positives that he might utilize, I haven't seen any of those. I did miss the first inning this game and the first last game. He has just looked extremely hittable with terrible command. Someone else said it, but he hasn't even had a pulse
  8. Can someone plz make a Game of Saves photoshop somehow incorporating Fernando Rodney and dragons
  9. I also agree, there isn't a more obvious stream available. Tyson Ross vs. SF and King Felix vs. Oak are the only two I would put around the same tier. Felix more likely to go 6 but Luchessi more intriguing/likely you end up keeping him for a bit. Ross a dice roll with those K's last time around. Not super confident he goes 6, but he is betting on himself only wanting 1 year deals so he must believe he is healthy. PitchFX on his slider were bad, though, if I remember correctly. I like Luchessi's good floor, chance at a little upside more than those two, and the giants are terrible
  10. Good insight, never thought of that. The padres want to start churning out contributors. If guys like Luchessi and Pirela show signs of promise you can bet the Padres will want to see what they got. I was just going to add that before I saw your post, you are correct, if he does well against the giants in Petco, which isn't unreasonable to think, he will be gone in pretty much every league worth a damn. Padres let him go 6 last time around in Coors, too.
  11. Small samples The good -Unorthodox, deceptive delivery that will take longer for the league to adjust to -Solid command, 4.00 K/BB ratio, 2.30 BB/9, 0.6 HR/9, 9.19 K/9, 1.02 WHIP -2.60 FIP/3.16 xFIP in 3 starts total, two starts in coors, FIP not really greatest indicator in small samples -SwStr% is 13.3%, league average is 9.5% so thats a good sign. The Okay -Averaging 90.3 MPH fastball -HartHit% is at 33.3% which is average to a little high -1.55 GB/FB Ratio which is average. -2.81 BABIP, small sample but below average an
  12. Just got in how has he looked, looks like no walks
  13. as someone who has never owned him, I hope Fernando Rodney never retires because of the entertainment value he provides That was a classic Fernando Rodney blown save, top 10/greatest hits for sure
  14. I wasn't able to watch, do you think they would have left him in if not for the HR?
  15. well this is good, no one had intention of picking up Hoover and now the Brewers are going to be even more inclined to figure out the 9th inning
  16. oh god the brewers would bust out Hoover right as I'm wondering if Jeffress is worth a desperation claim
  17. Jeffress feels like a desperation attempt but would not be shocked if Albers blows it. Just don't feel good about Barnes chances of converting saves either.
  18. This is the factor I have in mind. But if Greene falters and loses the role/trade value before the trade deadline, what choice do they have? If they move Jiminez into the role, he has upside/youth/cheap contract, couldn't he become the guy they flip at the deadline instead? He would have to be really good for the value they comp to be worth a trade, but will Jiminez really be a part of the next competitive tigers team if they hold him? I could see it going either way, just a thought. Turning high leverage relievers into trade value is one of the easiest/most efficient ways for rebuilding teams
  19. I'm gonna be really frusturated if 'blown save' that happened with Barnes last time is held against him.
  20. damn that bunt by Wong was clutch #teamBarnes pls
  21. Gioloto is so painful to watch. am hoping for a start that looks good in the box score so I can try and dump him on someone based on his name value who doesn't actually watch him pitch. I know it's only two games into the season but he just looks so hittable, command sucks, no out pitch
  22. if its Jefrees I quit, lol. Would not be surprised though.
  23. Agreed, have thought Melancon was gonna be done for awhile now
  24. Yeah, 41 years old, ridiculous. I have Reed stashed as a handcuff but we have been down this road before. He could hold out all season, 32 saves with a 5.00 ERA
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