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  1. ERod no ******** clue as to what he's doing
  2. This scrub gunna start when he's back? Lol
  3. What's dudes deal, he coming up or not? Lol
  4. Man, Aaron Judge is worthless. Waste of 1st rounder
  5. This guy know how to make contact? Maybe get more than one hit in a game?
  6. They'll fix. Expect an era under 4, with plenty of wins
  7. Can Jonathan Villar get a base hit or no?
  8. Anymore predictions on this guy and what he will do this year. I'm holding until after the deadline to see if he winds up in a starting role.
  9. Can anyone explain to me how a top 30 pre draft ranked player doesn't even play full time anymore? Lol
  10. Should be up soon. Hang tight
  11. Super surprised by what he's done this year. So dissapointing
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