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  1. There are the changes made to the standard espn rules. Draft is a snake draft.
  2. Wed, Mar 28 11:29 AM LM Changed League Settings League rules updated Changed Trade Review Period from 24 hours to 48 hours. Set Votes Required to Veto Trade to 1 (LM only). Matchup acquisition limits have been changed. League Settings Wed, Mar 28 11:26 AM LM Changed League Settings League rules updated Changed draft order type from Manually Set by League Manager to Randomized One Hour Prior to Draft Time. Made draft time Wednesday, Mar 28, 9:15 PM ET. League Settings
  3. $10 Buy-in winner take all. HOWEVER, if you are uncomfortable with paying, that's fine. We are more than anything looking to get serious players to add to our league. Payment via Venmo or PayPal. We are just a group of friends who want to start a 10 person league but need 3 extra people. We are all very committed and will actively manage our rosters. Please respond if you are interested in actively managing your roster and can be available for the draft time. Draft at 9:15pm Eastern Time Thanks!
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