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  1. Like the title says, looking to join an ESPN Auction h2h league thats about 50 to 100 entry cost on league safe. Please shoot me an email if you have a league fitting this progers9119@gmail.com
  2. Looking to join a 9 cat ESPN h2h auction league. If anybody has a league matching, please shoot me a private message (don't message me for non-ESPN leagues). It's likely that I'd also have a buddy that wants to join.
  3. Do you have 2 slots open -- if so can you send invites for ESPN and LS? progers9119@gmail.com dre_acj@hotmail.com
  4. bump, still looking if someone has (or is starting) a league like this.
  5. We've got 10 paid in, and 1 other person that has communicated with me. Potentially up to 3 slots open here, please hit me up with interest. Would love to get this full this week. progers9119@gmail.com
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