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  1. As of right now he's in a good spot as the vocal point of the 2nd unit and enough minutes with the starters. He's also entering his prime and played some solid games as the best player for the German national team in this years WC (apart from that horrendous showing against the Dominican Rep). I have no idea what OKCs long term plans for him are but I wouldn't be surprised if they keep him around for the rebuild. He'll have some off nights and you probably should look elsewhere for efficiency but overall he'll be a steady stream of PTS, AST and some 3s and STLs. First half of tonights game
  2. Agree with what was said before me - would prefer the trade for Kawhi and Unicorn. Looking at that WW I'd probably still do Unicorn, Turner and Jrue as well.
  3. Think AD is No.1 but wouldn't draft him myself due to bad experience last season. Would probably go with KAT and regret it everytime Harden goes on a hot streak.
  4. KAT at 6 is a welcome present. Personally not a big fan of Bam, Isaac and Kelly Oubre but will probably eat my words. PG is a weak spot and something to trade for. Would probably let Isaiah go depending on what WW offers. Feel like Booker doesn't really fit the build - but same could be said of my roster (picked him as well).
  5. I don't like giving up the best player. This is basically a 2-1 but I would still keep PG, In a nutshell I also prefer Gary to Bruno or Mikal - though he has really burned me last season with the injuries.
  6. 9cat | h2h | 12 teams Drafted in 9th position. Am really torn about the outcome and would really appreciate some ratings and input on what to do from here. THX!!! :) 1. (9) Joel Embiid (Phi - PF,C) 2. (16) Andre Drummond (Det - PF,C) 3. (33) Devin Booker (Pho - PG,SG) 4. (40) Clint Capela (Hou - PF,C) 5. (57) Tobias Harris (Phi - SF,PF) 6. (64) Al Horford (Phi - PF,C) 7. (81) Ja Morant (Mem - PG) 8. (88) Lonzo Ball (NO - PG) 9. (105) Andrew Wiggins (Min - SG,SF) 10. (112) Gary Harris (Den - SG,SF) 11. (
  7. Probably wouldnt do that trade in a vacuum (although it's closer as this might sound) but if you're punting 3pt it's not even close value wise in favor of DJ. Not 100% sure what happens once Dallas is out of the playoff race though and it seems like the DJ-Mavs relationship is not pure love either. Can you try to involve more players and a bit of value for you?
  8. Updated to healthy on Yahoo! Badly need him as well - lets make it rain threes from Belgrad to Memphis today!!!
  9. A. Davis‘s status changed from GTD to healthy
  10. I own both and would do this trade in a heartbeat. You‘ll be missing a few STL but 3s, Boards and three added weeks of production make up for it. Not sure if I‘d want to add IT to my roster though...
  11. He regulary brought up the ball after a rebound and made some nice plays. On top he was part of a lot of curl plays. Most importantly though the bunch of brick machines he passed to finally made some shots. Truly believe he could've had multiple 5+ AST games if he wasn't passing to the likes of Mudiay all the time.
  12. Dropped him in my redraft league a few weeks back with great regret. I think he has a really high ceiling but will not get unleashed this year due to the Magic being in the playoff race (for whatever reason). Even if he got unleashed I feel like he's at least 1-2 years away from really fullfilling significant parts of his potential. Really depends on your timeline and how much you're willing to gamble. He is a big shot blocker who has a nice touch. He's the definition of raw in most other areas. In a best case scenario you have a Porzinigis lite in a 2 seasons (and he has shown fla
  13. I‘ll book it, allright. How much do you wanna bet?!
  14. But there was also Mirotic for 25 games, Markannen took already 13 shots per game, Justin Holiday and Lopez each jacked up 10 shots per game, even Denzel Valentin got his. Let's agree to disagree and revisit this in two months.
  15. As of right now definitely Vonleh and it's not even close! Don't feel like they have similar games at all. Bryant might have a higher ceiling though.
  16. Just got picked up in my 12t and I instantly regretted picking up Cody Zeller instead of him earlier in the week (also have Beal and OPJ). Looked really good in the first half yesterday.
  17. Wanna bet for bragging rights? I'll take the over on 22 min per game for ROS. BTW: last year he needed 22:30 mins to put up 13/7/2 with 1.5 stocks Should be picked up from most 12t upwards IMO
  18. Drafted him very late and dropped him after the injury. Now dropped Bamba for him. I'm also a Markannen owner, so the added handcuff value makes him a solid target for me. Do believe he will get minutes in the mid-high 20s and he's proven that he can provide a punch.
  19. After completing my annual early season trade for the Lord I put all my faith in him to lead me to the light once again!!! Relieve me from the darkness that is second place my Lord!
  20. 12 team | h2h | 9-cat yahoo Traded Pascal Siakam Steven Adams Dennis Schröder Got RoCo OPJ Draymond Green Trade partner wanted to get rid of Draymond and was interested in Schröder as a handcuff for his Westbrook. Will try to ship Draymon as soon as he's healthy and drops a few solid lines.
  21. Can you please delete your team during halftime? I really need some boards from the real NY Noah tonight! THX!!!
  22. And of course Fizdale subs him out asap Edit: Took out Kanter - got confused by it all
  23. This guy ...hitting 3s left and right and blocking AD at the rim. Is this real life?!
  24. Finally dropped Darren Collison for him! Gogogo!!!
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