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  1. Free fantrax/proboards ran EPL 16 team dynasty league. 1 team open. Going into it’s 3rd year. Come join! Premierfantasyleague.proboards.com
  2. Anyone know if there is a way to download that game to an IPhone?
  3. 44 team league. Going into 2nd year recruiting/draft. Played on fantrax 2 teams open. NCST & FSU can change team name to any open available team name. hit me up if interested
  4. Going into 2nd year. 44 teams. 2 open teams. NCST & FSU can change team name to anything that’s open.. Both teams after a lot of recruiting points for this upcoming season. Played on fantrax hit me up if interested.
  5. 1 team open. The ravens. League in its 3rd year. http://1stand10dynasty.proboards.com/
  6. Nah. You might be for mine. Def not yours tho
  7. Going into 2nd year.. 36 team league 8 round upper class men draft Incoming freshman blind bidding with recruiting points. Weekly top 10 & bowl games. FREE played on Fantrax come sign up couple school available http://ncaacfbdynasty.proboards.com/
  8. Going into its 2nd year. Have 3 teams open in a 36 team league. Draft is next week, blind bidding for in-coming freshman, google doc is set up as a recruiting center. Fun active league. Sign up with interest http://ncaacfbdynasty.proboards.com/
  9. Couple openings in my league. Ran on fantrax. Come join! http://premierfantasyleague.proboards.com/
  10. Going into 3rd season. 82 game record, full playoff schedule, fun competitive league. 1 team available ATM .. http://goldstandard2dynasty.freeforums.net/
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