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  1. picked him up everywhere after his first start, upside is very high and his role looks secure.
  2. I would like to switch over completely to roto, but it was hard to find pro leagues or money leagues that were not head to head. I could never even find roto pro leagues that were filled up and ready to draft. Traditional 9 cat roto is the simple answer. I feel like the portion of people who play roto is low, its hard to find a solid league.
  3. Been holding the bag all year, redemption time now??
  4. looks like a lot of Bag holders in this thread.
  5. I don't see how his contract is relevant to helping your fantasy team. Salute to any of you holding throughout his suspension, I hope it works out for you.
  6. I'm holding but I don't really understand why. His ownership % is playing tricks on my mind. the wire is thin.. just pray for trade down the line?
  7. Grizz missing all of those games due to Covid will be a blessing down the line because those are games JJJ will be able to now play in when they are rescheduled. I'm just looking for silver lining regarding his situation... Just stashing him in one league, take your time big fella.
  8. picked him up everywhere I could while playing Bob Marley - Redemption Song
  9. I play in many leagues and I always make sure that I am utilizing my IL spots. I have him stashed in the IL spot in a quarter of my leagues just because I had the spot open. Hopefully he gets traded. Chances are some one on my team will get hurt/Covid and I will have to drop him.
  10. If he is one of your worst players regarding % rostered in your league, I think you are in awesome shape. He is only going to rise. He's an animal on defense. He is doing what you thought RoCo would be doing for the foreseeable future. I'm holding everywhere based off his rare skillset. I am most surprised by his 3% after his first game.
  11. I don't know, I'm riding with CP3 and keeping him in all the leagues I have him. His return on his investment especially in roto auctions is what I envisioned. If I can selectively space out his games in the roto leagues, I have no problem just seeing how his season pans out. I can't believe he is 11? in Yahoo?
  12. You can't write him off yet. It's too early. He will get it going in hopes of getting out of there. I just don't know what contending team would be crazy enough to absorb that contract. I still believe in the Point God, but his first step has clearly fallen off. I hate seeing him out there with Schroeder at the same time, it's like they are just taking turns and there is no flow to the offense. SGA is going to do his thing regardless.
  13. I would rather the Bulls just make sure he is healthy for the long haul. I have him on multiple roto teams, its been depressing so far.
  14. I've only had 2 drafts so far, one auction(H2H) and one snake(Roto). I got Towns and CP3 in both leagues. I just am very high on Towns and his ability to never miss games. Jimmy is gone and I think KAT will be the top roto player. In H2H, Towns enables you to construct your team however you want, without thinking about punting. And with Paul, I think the price is good for the possible return on investment. Always been a fan of him, and although his situation is murky, he is historically an elite roto point guard and I just hope he plays 65+ games, especially for when it matters, in the he
  15. I'm high on Ja because of the pace the Grizziles are expected to implement. Also, he has moxie and I feel he will be ready from the jump to be a solid fantasy contributor. Hoping his FG% won't tank his value.
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