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  1. Sorry thats what I meant. He's been top 20 mostly, and year beforr last season was a fluke.
  2. I could see him stay the same or even improve. Had NOBODY to take any pressure off of him on the offensive end, so any shots he's not getting will be balanced by an (even further) improvement in efficiency. Easy top 15 selection.
  3. It's not about getting cute,a nd I've stated in the post you actually quoted that Barton is better. That second unit needs his skills (playmaking, driving). Him being used as a primary option off the bench is no knock on his skills.
  4. Juancho could be a better fit starting. Barton is the better player but you might want him to lead a second unit.
  5. REALLY REALLY like him. But he's gonna need a change of scenery to enter any top 20 talks over the next few years, IMO. I'd probably pick him anywhere between 55-65 easily, and might grab him a bit earlier (40-55). The one thing that would scare me away from a top50 ranking is Hayward and Irving coming back. That team is just SO deep. At the same time he is SO young.
  6. OP was from before Lebron signed with Lakers. Rockeets - I see them declining after letting Ariza and LMAM walk, both of which were quietly instrumental in allowing most of the rest to play the way they did. I have used advanced stats, minutes, situational progression/regression and obviously a bit of intuition when it comes to expected outcomes of new assets on teams in my model. I kind of hate it that this forum does not allow you to eedit posts after a while, which is how I end up getting stuck with that outdated OP.
  7. Ben Simmons 22 years old 35 mpg 16.4 ppg 0 3ppg 8.5 rpg 8.5 apg 1.8 spg 0.9 bpg 3.6 topg 53.3fg% Jayson Tatum 20 years old 30 mpg 13.7 ppg 1.3 3ppg 4.9 rpg 1.6 apg 1 spg 0.8 bpg 1.4 topg 47.7fg% John Collins 21 years old 29 mpg 12.6 ppg 0.2 3ppg 8.8 rpg 1.6 apg 0.7 spg 1.3 bpg 1.7 topg 57.1fg% Donovan Mitchell 22 years old 33 mpg 20.3 ppg 2.6 3ppg 3.7 rpg 3.7 apg 1.5 spg 0.4 bpg 2.7 topg 44.7fg% Bam Adebayo 21 years old 26 mpg 9.1 ppg 0 3ppg 7.2 rpg 2 apg 0.6 spg 0.8 bpg 1.2 topg 54.5fg% Jarrett Allen 20 years old 28 mpg 11.4 ppg 0.1 3ppg 7.5 rpg 0.9 apg 0.5 spg 1.7 bpg 1.6 topg 56.4fg%
  8. Since you want a player in the top 10 play all, or almost all games in a season, his value takes another jump over some guys often picked ahead of him.
  9. Low efficiency volume scorer without much of anything outside of pts. PASS.
  10. Yeah followed him last year as well. Hes talented and can do a lot but dont see him getting any minutes in Utah. Theyve got incredible depth.
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