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  1. The old Cleveland Spiders logos/merch are pretty slick: Also, those suggesting more racist names for the team isn't a good look, nor very funny.
  2. Hicks - Judge - Voit - Stanton - Torres - Frazier - Urshela - Sanchez - Wade/(LeMahieu) 👍 Cole - Montgomery - Garcia - King - German - (Severino) 🥱 Chapman - Britton - Ottavino - Green 👀 The lineup has tons of pop but is going to strike out a lot; should walk a lot too. That bullpen is nails but the rotation is, well, not championship caliber let alone playoff caliber. In fact, it's pretty darn bad when you look at the competition. Without bringing in an ace SP and another workhorse I see them as competing in a weak-ish division (BOS and TOR similarly have weak pitc
  3. I think that's a pretty fair assessment. He's currently going #222 which makes that round 18 in a 12 team league, no loss of value there and definite room for gain.
  4. Don't look now but Torres is currently being drafted at NFC #68, which, in light of @Ecofolux's OP makes him a criminal steal. I admit I had not paid attention to his plate discipline, but his walk rate jumped from 7.9% in 2019 to 13.8% in 2020, and his K% fell from 21.4% to 17.5%. Looks like he suffered in 2020 from a 7.1% HR/FB and a barrel rate two thirds lower than the previous two seasons. You have to think those normalize and, coupled with his better eye and decision making, he should handsomely outperform his ADP.
  5. Trout is definitely getting unloved this season, which is hilarious given that he's still considered a top 5 player. We should all bet he'll steal over 10 bases (he's never not done that in a full season...), with the definite possibility of reaching 20. I think the AVG rebounds as well and he hits .300. For me Trout is the #3 after Soto and Acuna, but I wouldn't fault anyone for going #1 or #2 with him. I like Soto more due to the insane plate discipline and Acuna due to the fact that we know he's going to run. Then it's Betts due to the high floor at #4, and Tatis at #5 as I'm not so su
  6. Whoa slow down buddy, at age 23 Miggy went and did .339/.430 - 26 - 114 - 112 - 9 😉 Also Miggy is a phenomenal comp, only Soto has a better eye, more speed, and even a bit more power. 😮
  7. In fantasy terms, the value is in Adam Eaton at the moment. He's currently slated to hit second for CHW and is going at pick #408. That's 369 picks after Tim Anderson. I love Anderson, the guy is the kind of baseball player every team dreams of having and in real life he's gold. But in fantasy he relies on a monster BABIP to maintain his average. He doesn't walk (career 3.4%) and I'm not paying Xander Bogaerts money for Anderson at pick #39 and at the deepest position in fantasy.
  8. A bonafide closer and a guy like Rosenthal or Soria would be ideal, allowing Bummer to be the lefty in a fireman role. JA Happ or Quintana would be a nice fit for them, being a lefty and usually throwing a ton of innings. Either way, good time to be a White Sox fan for sure.
  9. Soto is basically Freeman but younger with upside and twice the steals. Easy #1 IMO.
  10. Anderson - Eaton - Grandal - Abreu - Jimenez - Moncada - Roberts - Engel - Madrigal 👀 Giolito - Keuchel - Lynn - Cease - Kopech 👍 Bummer - Marshall - Heuer - Foster - Fry 🤔 That lineup is straight filth. Starters are solid with upside on the back end. Bullpen needs another impact arm or two to go the distance IMO. With Hendricks, Yates, and Hand yet to sign, any one of them would vault CWS to WS favorites in the AL in my book.
  11. I've always liked Carlos Santana mostly because he is perpetually undervalued. He's Max Muncy, Matt Olson, Pete Alonso, Luke Voit, Moose, etc without the upside. What do you save for this lack of upside? Usually around 150 picks. It's insane because 75% of those guys won't show their upside in a given year, but Santana always shows up and drops a line of .250/.365 - 25 - 85 - 85 - 5. I love him hitting behind Merrifield and Mondesi, with Perez/Soler/Dozier around him. Currently going #320 in NFC after "I strike out 1/3 of my at-bats" guys like Dalbec, McMahon, Sano, and Walsh, I'd t
  12. I think Cole and DeGrom should be taken before all four of those guys and I don't think it's close. Looking at NFC ADP there are three tiers of SP: First rounders: Cole, Beiber, DeGrom Tight pack of eleven guys from Bauer (15) to Woodruff (39). Larger spread of nine guys from Maeda (47) to Lamet (65). I think most managers will aim to have at least one SP from the first two tiers, and most will aim for having at least two SPs from the first three. That's 24 SPs out of 65 picks, or about a third of the total. You may have to aim and snipe your first two SPs with more care
  13. As it stands on NFC, 12 shortstops go within the first ~100 picks then there is a 30 pick gap. Correa is currently being drafted at #132 as the 14th SS off the board and sandwiched between Villar and Semien. Edman, Didi, and Cronenworth follow then there's a 50 pick gap. In a 12 team league most managers have a SS at this point and we're looking at less of a "what do you think of this guy" and more of a "what does your team need at this point in the draft" kind of a situation. Lots of 10-10 or 15-15 guys follow him, so if you are looking to address power without sacrificing AVG, Corre
  14. Jeff McNeil train is open for boarding and will be leaving the station soon for destination full playing time. Tickets cost ADP of #100 and will provide minimum of .300/.375 - 20 - 80 - 80 - 5 with multiple position eligibility and room for growth in all departments. All aboard!!
  15. Laureano is currently going #135 around Buxton, Verdugo, Yaz, Myers, Carlson, Edman, Soler, and Mountcastle. I like Verdugo and Edman a lot out of this bunch and would put him at the top with them. As you noted he should lead off for Oakland which gives him a good bet for 100 runs. The power is there and he should push 30 HRs while speed has dropped each year so let's say 15 SBs. I'm not seeing the "high AVG/OBP" though; career .270/.343 isn't "high" really. This said, .270/.340 - 30 - 75 - 100 - 15 is a great line at #135 and I think he'll prove a very good buy on draft day as it sta
  16. Mookie's BB% fell in 2020 from 13.7% to 9.8% (and his OBP from .391 to .366); if he can get that back up he has a legitimate chance at 130 runs atop the LAD lineup.
  17. I am a huge Bo Bichette fan but #18 right behind Lindor is pretty steep, especially with Bogaerts at #37.
  18. Trout aside, every first rounder has a year when he doesn't meet standards. 2019 was that year for Jose Ramirez and he still gave us a 20/20 season which isn't worth nothing. Overall I think people often get hung up when they feel like they get burned by a high pick and it's totally understandable. JoRam was very difficult to start with confidence in 2019 but he came through in the end. Ultimately, my point only was that over five years he's had one prolonged slump through which he still produced decently other than his BA.
  19. Is JoRam really that streaky and unstartable though? Month by month, career stats, AVG/OBP/SLG/ISO/BABIP Mar/Apr: .251/.318/.418/.168/.255 May: .263./356./443/.180/.279 Jun: .281/.351/.480/.199/.290 Jul: .317./384/.579/.262/.311 👀 Aug: .270./340/.469/.199/.289 Sep/Oct: .302./373/.570/.267/.292 👀 Career wise his stats are relatively evenly spread by the months, though he does seem to perform better in the second half overall (which is good for fantasy managers). Let's take a closer look: 2020: You could say he had a bad August and a great September, bu
  20. I'd do a crazy early mock draft, would prefer H2H but would do roto for fun.
  21. I think 2021 is going to have a weirder first round than many years past because fantasy baseball managers tend to have very short term memories and this season was really odd. At quick glance, a 16-team league first round might look like: 5-category studs (picks 1-7 in whatever order you like): Acuna, Betts, Soto, Tatis, Turner, Story, JoRam. Guys on discount (picks 8-14 in whatever order you like): Trout, Arenado, Yelich, Bellinger, Lindor, Freeman. (We all would be wise to recall from the 2020 first round that discounting superstars like Jose Ramirez for one bad half is a terrib
  22. Other than Trout, Arenado, and maybe Betts, Freeman has the highest and most consistent floor of any hitter. .300/.385/.500 is going to happen with 25+ HRs and 180+ counting stats. Book it. The handful of SBs that he used to provide seem to have gone away but his power is up so it's 30+ bombs and 200+ R/RBI now. Also his walk rate has increased each season over the past three and is now 3% higher than his K rate which is... just silly. His OBP is an obscene .454 at the moment. The guy is a pure hitter and so hard to get out; reminds me of a vintage Miguel Cabrera.
  23. Looks like that rough stretch is over. Not including tonight, over the past fourteen days he's gone .321/.390 with 1 HR, 2 SB, and 8 R. Tonight he hit another HR with 2 RBIs. Dude is turning it on though they keep hitting him in the 3 spot and I agree with others that he should be leading off.
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