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  1. Strange that the Rays bring Colome in for the 8th in a tie game?
  2. Man he looks like a beast to me. Hoping he stays in the lineup all year and can hit .270 with 25 hr 85 rbi and throw in 10 sb
  3. He's been bad. Very bad. But I think he figures it out rather quickly. It's not like he's hurt. It's just a rough start to the season.
  4. I'm not a Jansen owner but it's been difficult watching him this year. It's like he's overthinking every pitch. Can't locate for sh*t right now. I bet Roberts let's him try to continue to work it out for now. He's earned that with how dominant he's been in the past.
  5. Man that toe of Rendon’s must really be bugging him. Figured he would get back in there tonight. Hopefully just an extra day off for him. I ended up going with Rendon and Pujols and benching Sano because he’s struggling a bit and has 2 off days this week.
  6. Such a disappointment after a really strong spring. I finally had to drop him for A Diaz.
  7. So normally of course I would bench AP in favor of Rendon but this week Rendon is dealing with a sore pinky toe and Monday he gets DeGrom and later in the week he gets Kershaw.
  8. They gotta put Hader in as the closer. It's been a nightmare using Albers or Barnes. Either that or maybe give Jeffress a Crack at it.
  9. Colome damn near blew another one....dude is so shaky
  10. Would you guys say it’s fair to assume Jeffress won’t be the guy after tonight’s usage??
  11. Hand threw 31 last night and came back out tonight for the save so why couldn’t Barnes if they get the lead?
  12. Yates with a clean 8th retiring Bregman, striking out Altuve and Correa. If Hand blows this one you gotta assume there could be a change made.
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