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  1. I like Bourne. Sanders is gone, Samuels is out, Aiyuk is questionable with a bad hammy, and SF is facing a team that surrendered the second most passing yards in the NFL last year. Wouldn't even consider Fitzgerald vs SF's #1 pass D.
  2. In evenings, I've enjoyed listening to classic games from the "MLB Vault" on YouTube. The other night the Pirates beat the Orioles 2-1 in Game 7 to win the 1971 World Series, and it was pretty damn exciting! Much like my usual routine of listening to MLB games and other sports on the TuneIn app on my phone in evenings while working around the house or garage. Not the real thing, but better than listening to the news.
  3. Horford hasn't done much in games that Embiid has missed, which is discouraging. As a Horford owner I'm hoping to see Al capitalize on this opportunity, but I don't see it as a slam dunk.
  4. I kept Prince on my bench for like five straight games. Then I trotted him out on Monday, reasoning he was overdue for a decent shooting night. He shot .182%. Naturally he was back on my bench Tuesday when he finally delivered a good line. Will continue to hold, though a little concerned that LeVert's return will cut into Prince's opportunities.
  5. 44.9% FG is the lowest of Horford's 13-year career. He's turning out to be a pretty big disappointment after such a strong start to the season. I've parked him on the bench of my season-long roto team for now cuz he's just not delivering needed value.
  6. OMG 1 for 10 tonight. That's on top of .298 over the last 14 days. How does a guy who shot about .434 over the past two years all of a sudden stink it up so horribly? Positive regression is sure (?) to come but as it is he's killing my FG % in roto.
  7. I'd roll Goff. The wind forecast for NYG v MIA has been increasing ... was 17 mph a few hours ago, now forecast for 20 at kickoff.
  8. Keep an eye on the KC weather. 26 F and snowing isn't ideal for Mahomes' passing game. Doesn't look like wind will be too much of a factor, at about 10 mph and less throughout the game.
  9. Remember Sanders was sidelined with leg cramps and dehydration for a good part of the game last week. That's why Scott got the carries. I see Sanders as set up for a nice bounceback this week against a fairly weak run D, assuming Howard remains out.
  10. My thoughts exactly. The ATL passing game gets a big boost with all Sherman and Williams out of the 49ers secondary, plus losses to the D line. Shootout possibility here and Sanders would benefit.
  11. Cowboys are actually worse than NYG in fantasy points allowed to TEs on Yahoo, and in yards surrendered to TEs -- 169 Dallas, 149 NYG. I'd roll with Higbee over Gesicki. Your post isn't clear on whether Cook is option, playing Mon night.
  12. KC D racked up 24 pts vs Denver in Week 7 and has been performing well. Seattle would be my second pick. I don't trust the Philly D, at all.
  13. Lot to like about Slayton this week -- led in targets last week, playing at home vs. terrible Miami, Eli actually looked decent. If Miami can keep up its scoring of the last few weeks, could have a favorable game script for Slayton. I like Sanders and Slayton.
  14. Jacobs' shoulder fracture makes it a no-brainer for me -- Mostert.
  15. 10 freaking treys, bam. Attaboy Duncan. I looked into his background before picking him up a few weeks ago and liked what I saw. Put on good bit of muscle in the offseason and worked hard on his game. Now, just look at that FG% ... .554% over the last 14 days and .500% over the last 30. Despite all that 3-point shooting -- wow. And barely any turnovers, also remarkable. The minutes have been there, even on games in which Dragic and Winslow played. There's a lot to like going forward, and hopefully he has the opportunity to keep it up when Dragic and Winslow return. For now, I'm enjoying a
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