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  1. Yahoo 12 team Rotisserie league : I have C Contreras 1B McMahon 2B Torres SS C Seager 3B Arenado OF Gurriel, Robles, Carlson Util Dahl Hampson Bench C Frazier and A Vaughn P Bieber Buehler Berrios Luzardo Alcantara Urquidy Taillon Kopech Pressly Neris Reyes... Anyways Mountcastle got dropped and is due April 9th. I need to work on hitting. It’s pretty early in season so I’m hesitant in dropping Vaughn. I was thinking Taillon but my fantasy baseball friends think he will get lots of wins. Who would you drop and how much for FAAB? Thanks!
  2. I have AJ Brown and was thinking dropping R Anderson for Davis...
  3. He was on my bench... out of the blue boom! Not easy to manage inconsistency.
  4. Of course if he was playing well, we would have heard crickets. He WAS the 3rd best hitter this year at the time of the post. Desmond's bat has been heating up, so Tapia will be a part time player until that cools off. No way he will be replacing Dahl or Blackmon unless they have a day off. I'm still not a Desmond fan but hey, if I was Black, I would be putting the hot bat in too, but as usual Black's vets matters.
  5. He has power, he’s young and still learning MLB pitching. I bet he could hit 30 hrs annually
  6. Batting .279 and a 10 game current hitting streak is not quite a bit underwhelming. We might see some of his numbers go up when the weather warms up at Coors. I agree though he’s probably not an every day starter fantasy wise yet.
  7. Frustrated Rodgers got benched but that’s ok I had another player go in that slot. I don’t understand the logic of benching a .333 hitter but I guess it boils down to... Black’s Vets Matter
  8. I didn't say he was a better hitter, I said he had better production this year at the time of the post. Thanks for your replies.
  9. Oh I have, I live in Denver. It’s frustrating... but I believe Tapia could be a worthy add until he slumps. His ceiling is sky high.
  10. Exactly, and at Coors Field it’s hard to not roster him when he was just a FA. Lots of home games and sunny weather coming up. Tapia should be playing every single day.
  11. Potentially I agree, just looking at current production this year.
  12. At the time of my posting he was hitting better than Blackmon. Tell me who else is doing better except for Arenado and Story?
  13. I picked Tapia back up. This guy is the 3rd best hitter in the Rockies lineup AND is hitting lefties well too. How can they keep on benching him?
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