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  1. Rodney fires in another save, that is Four in a week. Seems to be on a bit of a roll
  2. At least they took Smith off before I came into bat
  3. Am in 15 team league so really have to start him today, but also owning Heninger and knowing what he can do it a nervous time
  4. Rodney on fire (For Rodney) Brown trouser time, although he got it done. In a Fifteen team league I have to put up with him
  5. Same, am looking for an excuse to drop, deep league and cant let go till he loses job
  6. Newbie question When Bogarts comes off the D/L am I able to keep him in the D/L slot for a few days? Not sure who I want to drop for him, want to wait on this weekends pitching before deciding.
  7. That was more like it, was a little nervous starting him but very solid outing. Just One Jack in the 6th
  8. Way Holland is pitching Albers may not get the chance, score may blow out
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