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  1. David Johnson's season is going downhill about as fast as my fantasy team
  2. Colts are a joke, they need to pick a RB and stick with him
  3. I want to gouge my eyes out after drafting Corey Clement and being an idiot by dropping him this week thinking he wasn't going to do anything. And to make it worse, the guy I'm playing picked him up and started him. ?‍♂️
  4. Not sure if that's clear until we see a full start but honestly, I don't think Top 25 is unrealistic
  5. And maybe 3-4 BB. First start, has a little adrenaline going.
  6. Two-start week? Minnesota and potentially Detroit? Money
  7. Make the trade and drop Eaton. Trout, Harper, Judge, Soto, Haniger, and Pham is ridiculous lol. Trevor Cahill could be your best SP and I'd still be satisfied with that roster.
  8. Agreed, Dozier heats up in the second half so selling high would be a good idea
  9. 12-team H2H points Should I trade my Kris Bryant, Edwin Diaz and Zach Eflin for Gerrit Cole and Matt Carpenter? WHIR
  10. A few rumors floating around that Yankees could use him in a trade. Maybe it's just me, but if he's as good as he's been I can't see that happening. I also read an article where CC Sabathia was quoted saying he's excited to see him develop and hopefully he can get his command figured out and join the rotation. Apparently they have a pretty close relationship and says Sheffield reminds him of himself.
  11. I think that's a solid trade when you take into the account the depth you have for pitching. I mean Aguilar has so much power he's gonna be putting up similar numbers to someone like Adrian Gonzalez if he stays healthy. Especially once he's able to play a full season, he's been sharing time at 1B for most of the year. The only guy I'm iffy about moving is Grienke but I think it's a solid deal because you're improving for the future.
  12. Is Anthony Rendon a decent return for Bryant? Or should I hold on him? Part of me wants to hold because of the possibility he could have a better second half, but part of me thinks that Rendon is a safer bet to put up numbers. Thoughts?
  13. Red Sox fans complaining about Price's pitching against the Yankees is about as annoying as a rich kid complaining that he got a Lexus instead of an Audi for his birthday.
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