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  1. He's definitely a gamer. The Astros have taken the long-view all season long so I would not be surprised by a short absence from Bregman, but he bounced back fairly quickly from a hamstring ailment earlier this year. Given he took a ball to the melon, this news is about as good as it gets.
  2. As a Twins fan - for as many strides as Gibson has made over the past 2 1/2 seasons - consistency is something he finds elusive. He will dazzle over 7 shutout innings in Yankee stadium and then go 3 2/3 of 6 ER ball against the Tigers at home. He's a bit of an enigma in that regard, though I'd say he's earned the right to start in most matchups.
  3. Twins/Red Sox/Athletics (pending Treinen injury severity)/arguably Rays could all use a set closer. Those would be the ideal landing spots.
  4. He's arguably the best trade chip for an organization whose farm system has long been barren. With a new management team in town, I'd have to imagine they're less beholden to current Giants, making Smith one of the more likely trade candidates, IMO.
  5. He was HBP in the 1st, then drew a walk followed by a K. Mark Canha pinch hit for him in the 9th, though the A's were down 6-0 at the time. Doesn't seem like anything to be concerned with.
  6. Batting 3rd and Catching tonight. All clear.
  7. He sits there staring at me on the Waiver Wire in every league I am in, and I just cannot get myself to pick him up. I'll get the obvious statement out of the way and predict regression, but it is not as though he has not been a usable arm in the past. Lack of K's is alarming but he could settle in as a 3.50-3.75 ERA guy with a workable WHIP and the Brewers should win plenty. I'd want high K guys in front of him; with those he could be the ideal SP5 or SP6.
  8. Looks like Conforto left the game. Anyone catch what happened?
  9. I guess I don't see this for a team with big aspirations this year. Moose is hitting the ball well and has shown improvements in his plate discipline as well. He'll get the general day off against a lefty, perhaps, but Hiura's call-up is far more about Shaw IMO.
  10. Seems the type whose thread will always be quiet since he is not going to go bananas in any category. But could easily go 20/10 with a strong AVG/OBP and solid counting stats in the LAD offense. I am always intrigued by prospects with a plus hit tool given how power gains are often achieved at the MLB level.
  11. I'll add to the consensus with Reyes. Elite power and looks to have made some strides as an overall hitter. Pretty bullish on him.
  12. Assuming we have see an IL stint for Glasnow - whether short or long - I am going to have to add a SP. Standard 5X5 league; my worst category between W's/WHIP/ERA/K's thus far has been K's, though not by such a margin it is a glaring weakness. Best SP's on the wire: - Yusei Kikuchi - Tyler Mahle - Kevin Gausman - Tyler Skaggs - Jordan Lyles Drop.a link and I'll help in return.
  13. Out of the lineup today against a RHP. Anyone know if Winker is ailing? I could not find anything.
  14. That's just incredible. Imagine if you could even have this guy for 175 innings.
  15. Per Baseball Reference, has played 1st base three times this season, in a three game stretch from May 1st-3rd. With Ryan O'Hearn not really taking the job and Kelvin Gutierrez looking to have some potential, he may be in line for more starts at 1B.
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