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  1. I'm right there with you, to top it off I got Lauri trash can of a self also pitching in 0 points and a board
  2. Can't decide whether to grab Sekou or Wood might have to just pick both of them up
  3. TB for sure. A recent report said he's primed for a return before wagner so he's going to get alot of minutes once he's good to go. Conley worries me a lot especially with the Jazz looking good with Ingles in the lineup. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/793803-zion-for-danilo-gallinari-and-buddy-hield/
  4. I like Butler because hes the sole focal point on that team. Sure Bam and the shooters are going to get touches but the Heat run alot through Jimmy buckets and with PG you have to worry about kawhi taking shots away and the load management games for kawhi aren't enough in my opionion to put PG over butler for this season at least.
  5. Definitely do it by giving up jimmy and cp3. Slot in harden at the pg spot and your team looks real good. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/793803-zion-for-danilo-gallinari-and-buddy-hield/
  6. If you didn't need assists and steals I would have said go for tobias because it would be an easier trade to pull off but since you need all that definitely go for Jrue.
  7. H2H Points league. Currently in last place due to the drafting of some bums in the first 4 rounds lol but is this a swing to the fence type trade I should make. To clarify I would be getting Zion. I feel like zion if he does play is going to be on a severe load management schedule so will this trade do anything for me. Leave your links so I can return the favor.
  8. If he's obsessed I say try to get more than DD and Lowry for sure. Are there any other players you're interested in, I'd say Demar and try another top 50 player. Even though Ben isn't lighting the world on fire, he's still producing and the thing that you got going for you is that the other owner is obsessed so you can definitely try to make him sweeten up the offer.
  9. I'd say try to hold on to him like you said you're in the middle of the pack so realistically if you try to dangle him around and get a top 100 player I don't think thats going to propel you to the top of the standings. But if Steph comes back and gives you first round production for the last month of the season that's a big if albeit, that will definitely propel your team to maybe a chip. I guess it comes down to whether you think you can get into the playoffs by holding him or if you need another piece to get you in.
  10. Someone give me some optimism on BG. I had a trade lined up to ship him out but I thought at the time it was too much now the other owner is scoffing at the same trade. Hindsight stings lol
  11. Wow this thread was on fire, I thought Jokic announced that he started a new diet and is ready to start going crazy ros but then realized the only reason the thread is poppin' is because someone said they would rather have duncan robinson over jokic, ya hate to see it.
  12. Huerter>Sexton>Robinson especially considering your lack of pg depth. Huerter helps you with assists plus more. Think about it this way, Robinson gives you threes but so does Huerter and Huerter won't hurt your FG% like sexton does.
  13. I'd drop Bev for Mikal Bridges, he's always had great stocks but the offense is coming along as are the minutes.
  14. In terms of sell high I'd go Warren>Holmes>Brown but I think out of those three you could get the most for Holmes.
  15. Which side wins in a H2H points league in your opinion? Drop links so I can return the favor.
  16. That must be the issue, he's having coca cola withdrawals, get this man his coke so he can be a stud again lol. On a side note his value is so low right now some dude offered me alec burks, fultz and deandre jordan and thought it was very fair.
  17. haha believe me I know that, someone else drafted him in my points league around 50ish but cut bait after the first week I scooped him up thinking wow this is a steal of a ww pickup but I dropped him after a month of bumness.
  18. Pretty much if you're in a Roto league you got to hold and pray to every god that he picks it up but if you're in a points league drop this bum last two games he's averaged 2.5 points and that's fantasy points you get more than that from any streaming center at this point.
  19. Picking Steph Curry over harden resulting in a 1-5 record to start the year, to top it off I thought I pulled off a heist getting jokic turns out he's just a pumpkin.
  20. I got so giddy looking at the boxscore thought he had 3 blocks in the half turns out those were fouls yikes
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