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  1. Anybody know if this is a bug. So I had a trade accepted and it takes two days for it to process. Yesterday the guy I made the trade with picked up another center so he had three on his roster (the max in our league is 3) but the trade that he already accepted had another center going to him so I checked this morning and it looks like the trade just cancelled because the players that are on his team that were supposed to be traded to me are now available to be traded and my players are still on my team?
  2. I'm taking conley because dray just doesn't look like the dray from years past plus with the warriors having no real incentive to play him heavy minutes conley will outproduce him. Plus conley has had a shaking start I don't think he's going to be this inconsistent going forward.
  3. In a points league who wins this trade, also if if you substitute beal for jrue holiday would that change your opinion?
  4. Embiid is a monster when he plays, those ~60 games that he does play in he's giving you better stats than everyone you'd be getting in those scenarios. I'd decline the first trade for sure and then second one with jrue and bryant is nice but I think I'd still hold embiid in that case. See if you can maybe add someone else viable to (jrue + bryant) maybe throw in prince and try to get an upgrade at the PF spot too.
  5. I'm going with Rozier he had a great game last time around and I think he'll look to build on it. My second choice would be Teague because he's going against WSH and every WSH game is an offensive showcasing so there will be a lot of counting stats plus he'll be guarded by IT so definitley will have a plethora of scoring chances. Here's my ranking: Rozier Teague Kennard IT
  6. A1 vs A2 - I don't understand this from A1's perspective clearly A1 is a better player and is better in more cats than A2. The only way this trade makes sense is if the A2 player is a bigger name who is in a slump and A1 want's to take a gamble on a turn around. Depending on who A2 is this could be an alright trade but if these are both lets say tier 3 stars in the NBA than A1 wins by a lot in my opinion and I wouldn't mind it being veto'd. B1 vs B2 - This should be veto'd for sure clearly B2 is a much better player than B1 and is better in the majority of categories. C1 vs C2 - Un
  7. Which side would you think wins this? Leave me a link to yours so I can return the favor.
  8. I'm taking Bryant 10/10 He has a lot more upside ROS. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/784795-10-team-h2h-team-advice-whir/
  9. I'd drop Bropez for Holmes, especially this next month without Bagley I think Holmes can give you top 50 production especially if this is a H2H points league.
  10. I'd also stick with RJ he's getting all the opportunity he can handle and you just don't know how the situation with Holmes will look when Bagley comes back and with Luke as head coach. Any Thoughts for me?
  11. So swap out Mitch Robinson for Powell since powell is also a C?
  12. Definitely LeVert he was hooping last season and still looks good this year plus no KD he's pretty much the second scoring option behind Kyrie. With Lamb I think his production will go down when Oladipo eventually returns.
  13. Beal has the green light on that Wizards team, I think in a points league he'll finish top 15 without a doubt. Huge Murray fan but he's still on a minutes restriction and then RJ and Nunn are still unproven so it's hard to say how they'll look ROS but with Beal you already know his body of work. Hard to say because having all three will definitely improve your team but I'm leaning towards keeping Beal. Can you ask for someone a little better than RJ?
  14. I'm in this league where no one is trying to make a trade unless they win in a landslide so it's going to be pretty hard to make one but what are some areas that I can improve on. I was thinking about dropping Mitchell Robinson for Richaun Holmes since you can only have 3 centers at a time. Notable FAs: Deandre Jordan, Rudy Gay, Dario Saric, Jordan Clarkson, Thaddeus Young, Dwight Powell, PJ Washington, and Zach Collins. Any suggestions are welcomed and leave the link to your question so I can return the favor. PG-Steph Curry/Eric Bledsoe/IT SG-SGA/Demar Derozan/Dejounte Murray
  15. In redrafts I'm looking for at minimum a third round pick but for what it's worth someone tried to offer me Conley for him 😒
  16. I think IT will be a nice asset once that 20 min restriction is removed. I'd drop Prince for Powell, at least with IT you're getting some assists out of him with a bunch of points but everything Prince is doing can be pretty much be replaced with what Powell can do (Rebs + Points).
  17. 1. PJ 2. Holmes (would be first if the return of bagley didn't loom over him) 3. Brown (I agree with you that he could break out but in H2H big man have a much safer floor in terms of points) 4. Lamb
  18. I like house too but out of those three I think Barnes for sure will be the most productive.
  19. I want to jump on this train so bad but my league caps 3 centers a team and I already got gobert, bryant and mitch rob. I want to risk it all though for the Holmes express 😭
  20. What side wins in that trade in a H2H points league?
  21. In standard 10 Team points leagues what two players out of this pool would you guys select? Josh Richardson Derrick Rose JJ Redick Tyler Herro Rajon Rondo Justice Winslow Gary Harris Delon Wright
  22. I'd do the trade mancini will help boster your OF. You can afford to trade a closer and like you said when strickland comes back your gravy.
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