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  1. Out of these pitchers all things considered how would you rank them in terms of impact for the rest of the season: foltynewicz, rich hill, yu darvish, mikolas, cease, yamamoto, flaherty, caleb smith and Dinelson Lamet. My top three would probably be: Flaherty, caleb, and darvish. What do you guys think?
  2. Do you guys think its worth dropping any of these guys: darvish, mikolas, pleasac, carlos martinez or yamamoto for lamet in a redraft league?
  3. 2 weeks ago I traded ohtani and eloy for joram in a redraft thinking this would be perfect buy low opportunity. Now 2 of the three players in that trade look like studs and joram aint one of them 😭
  4. Well fellas its time to pop the champagne
  5. Personally, I wouldn't make the trade because I'm extremely bullish on Meadows and I feel like when Bauer gets his head on straight again he can be just as good as DeGrom. I feel like the issue your having is that you can only keep 5 players for next season so I'm assuming DeGrom would be one of those keepers you would want to keep and the three you would trade away wouldn't be keepers so you don't want to lose them for nothing.
  6. I'd stand pat for now but if you had to make a move the only move that makes sense like everyone has mentioned would be to drop Lynn for Nelson. Also, take Conforto off your droppable list I think he'll come around
  7. Definitely Woodruff he's been a beast last 6 or so starts
  8. What do you guys think in a redraft it would essentially be me trading albies and someone else that I don't mind parting with for altuve. I feel like I should jump on it but how long is altuve be out for and is his injury going to linger on for the rest of the season.
  9. Could be worse dude in my league dropped Vlad last Sunday
  10. I'd be trading Tatis but I'll hold off I guess this wasn't as sure fire as I thought it was in my head lol
  11. In a 15 team redraft league this seems like a no brainer for the Murphy side, no?
  12. I just added Abel de los santos on ESPN by accident because Enyel isn't in there
  13. I benched Castillo and Duffy but thought Wright would be an ok bet well its safe to say I'm not going to vegas anytime soon
  14. I'm in a 20 team and I had to drop Castillo please be someone elses headache
  15. Anyone know why he got pulled with only a 69 pitch count?
  16. would you pick him up in a redraft boys?
  17. What are the odds he gets called up this year though, still figures to be pretty low imo.
  18. back to his old self they said should not have bought into the lies
  19. I want him to get called up so bad. I'm in a 19-team redraft I could use the help but I feel like it won't happen unless they trade Donaldson. Also, the spike in ownership is probably because a lot of Toronto writers are writing about how it's time for the Jays to call him up.
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