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  1. Thanks for the help on mine. I’d say gat Madbum is your best target, I think you’d be overpaying for Smith.
  2. Thanks for the help on mine. I’m pretty neutral on this; potentially a good move for you, but I might stand pat.
  3. 10 team points league, redraft. I can get Albies for Hamels. Albies would replace LeMahieu in my lineup. I’m not sure if my 2B is precarious enough to take the loss at SP. What do you think? WHIR! C Lucroy 1B Rizzo 2B LeMahieu SS Seager 3B Arenado OF Martinez, Pham, Markakis, Puig (start 4) UTIL Donaldson Bench: Garver, Hosmer, Dozier, Swanson, Robles IL: C. Frazier, Ohtani SP: Nola, Cole, Hamels, Lester, Castillo, Porcello, McHugh RP: Osuna, Davis, Iglesias
  4. Thanks for the help on mine. Not knowing some of the specifics, I’d say on a value for value level guys on his roster I might target for Folty include Torres, Robles, and Meadows. Are you feeling ok about dealing an arm, given Severino’s setback?
  5. 10 team points league, redraft. I give: Lester I get: Pham I’m reluctant to do this deal, even with the Lester injury. Our league plays specific OF positions, and I do need a CF, but I’m just not psyched about Pham. Plus last year I traded away Lester anticipating a regression that never came. Thoughts? WHIR. C LuCroy 1B Rizzo 2B LaMathieu SS Seager 3B Arenado RF Markakis CF Gardner LF JD Martinez OF Piscotty (we start a general 4th OF as well) UTIL Donaldson Bench Dozier, Bradley Jr, Nimmo, Hosmer IL Ohtan
  6. I think it’s a decent deal for you. I’d probably do Perez/Lester in your situation, I’ve been expecting Lester to come to earth all year but withholding his last it doesn’t seem to be happening. Playoffs are what you gamble on anyway, so I say do it. help?
  7. 10 team mixed points league, redraft. Looking to shore up SP and RP, with health concerns on the SP side and after losing Herrera in the WSH trade. Currently sitting in 2nd place. Original offer from the other owner was Betts for Bauer/Chapman, which is a non-starter to me. I countered with Blackmon/Solarte for Bauer/Chapman, which he didn’t want. We’ve gone back and forth, and he needs either Baez or Carpenter in the deal. Thinking of offering this: I give: Baez/Polanco/Heaney I get: Bauer/Chapman/Hernandez Polanco was on earlier wish lists. Torres
  8. I like Suarez, and I’d be fine dumping Bieber, as we wind down the season. The others I think I I’d leave for now. Same for Winker and Cargo, I think you’re already on the better side of that quartet with Eaton and Nimmo. help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705973-blackmon-betts-bauer-sale-whir/
  9. Eesh. Thin pickings, but I’d probably go Bour. Desmond has the versatility, but he’s been SO bad for a long time. I have no faith he is the guy we’d like him to be in COL. help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705973-blackmon-betts-bauer-sale-whir/
  10. Agreed, you did well. Rizzo has an awful start, but he’s been the same guy for a while. Odd call by the LM, IMHO. help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705973-blackmon-betts-bauer-sale-whir/
  11. Really close, but I would probably take th Turner side. Skill sets at RP are easier to come by from unexpected places, and while Turner has been iffy (borderline bust for sure), he could go off and be a top 10 hitter the rest of the way, for sure. Have you considered the possibility that Hader could be stretched out to start? Total speculation, but I know they want him to start at some point, and if they can’t land an SP in trade it wouldn’t be crazy to go that route. help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705973-blackmon-betts-bauer-sale-whir/
  12. I think it’s a fair deal, but I’d prefer the Rizzo/Thor side personally. But you definitely wouldn’t be wrong on either side. help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705973-blackmon-betts-bauer-sale-whir/
  13. It’s a tough call, honestly. I’d probably take the Stras/Yellich side to compete this year, but long term it’s about even. Comes down to a health assessment on kershaw, I think. If you’re above say 60% confidence, go with the Kershaw side. help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705973-blackmon-betts-bauer-sale-whir/
  14. 10 team points league, redraft. Currently sitting in 2nd place. Looking to bolster my SP and need to shore up my RP, as our league values SV over ratios and HD (I’ve got Hader in my second RP slot right now). This proposal came in, which I think is too much to give: Give: Betts/Baez Get: Sale/Osuna First of all, too much, right? Thinking of countering with this: Give: Blackmon/Solarte Get: Bauer/Chapman And being prepared to fall back to Bauer/Osuna. Morton may also be an option. Thoughts? WHIR!! C Grandal 1
  15. I’d go with Torres, Love the upside and hitting in a monster lineup. If he finds his way up in the order his R potential is significant. help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702013-contreras-for-lester-whir/
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