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  1. I'm inclined to say that your pitching is adequate for a 10-team league, but could use some more depth and stability. I also agree that you could definitely part with some offense to sure up your pitching. I'm in the same boat with Acuna and am playing the wait and see card before I part with him, so I don't know what to suggest there.
  2. Yes it's a daily league, that's why I'm hesitating on letting go Ohtani.
  3. So, I have an owner in my league who is a huge Angels (Trout) fan. He has offered me very fair offers for both Trout and Ohtani but the positional fit just wasn't there yet. Was thinking of making him the following counter offer:My Trout, Ohtani (both P/H) & DonaldsonFor his Blackmon, Bryant & EncarnacionI was thinking of expanding the deal to get a little more but just wondered if this on the surface was fair as it stands? Thinking Godley, Dee Gordon as possible additions? FYI...he has previously offered Altuve for Trout and Bryant for Ohtani in separate offers. Thanks!
  4. I would do it. Pham offers multi category plus you seem pretty deep in SP already.
  5. Yep, if you have to, I would work hard to get a top 5 pitcher for Blackmon. Otherwise, shoot for a smaller deal to sure up your pitching that doesn't involve Blackmon.
  6. I would shoot for someone better. In saying that, the Jays seem to like him - he's getting some prime spots in the batting order and until/if Tulo gets back, he's assured of fairly regular at bats.
  7. All else being equal, I usually lean toward offense. I'd take Bour.
  8. Yeah, despite his slow start, I'd be sticking with Merrifield as well.
  9. You'd think after his hot spring, the Braves would have at least made some sort of assurances to him directly regarding his call up? If so, they really wouldn't/couldn't mess with that now.
  10. I'm leaning toward Taillon. I'm biased though with him on both of my rosters.
  11. My first instinct was that it was slightly lopsided the other way. It's a quantity vs quality issue that can be subjective so while I do understand your perspective, I don't think it's vetoable.
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