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  1. I’ve been holding him for two years. This guy is special.
  2. Almost learned the hard way that you can’t troll in this forum. Sorry guys.
  3. 20 team dynasty, pitching is more important in this league. Who wins? Keep in mind Ynoa is 22 or 23 I don’t remember.
  4. Slowing down the game more would be a travesty. However, the extra innings runner is bs
  5. How many players do you keep in your dynasty?
  6. Touché my friend. The other views make it look different because where the catchers glove is. That is a two seamer though. I got one thing right.
  7. Looks like it hits the corner when it crosses the plate.
  8. Two seam fastball by a right handed pitcher
  9. Looks like it’s showing the aftermath of the two seam breaking. Look where the catcher is.
  10. That was likely a strike when it crossed the plate. It was a two seam fastball after all. Balls and strikes are called when the ball crosses the plate, not when it reaches the catcher.
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