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  1. What a horrendous slump he's in right now. A few weeks ago he was hitting .290 and that has nosedived to .210. He can't get SBs if he can't get on base!
  2. Are we sure the kid doesn't throw a 95mph changeup? Hot damn.
  3. Hoskins and Upton are equal or within 10 slots on most ranking lists, so I'd say getting Upton plus a SP is a good deal for Hoskins. Nola and Paxton are about even so pick the one you like more.
  4. Pomeranz. If you want to drop a bat, then HanRam or Nunez. Maybe Andujar.
  5. See if you can deal Kinsler for MadBum. Put MadBum on DL. Pick up a SP. I'd definitely keep Kinsler over anyone you listed. Try to deal him to a team with a weak 2B.
  6. I'd lean no on first deal because you're giving away a lot of young talent in that deal for the slight upgrade from Kluber to Goldie. Two is a fairer deal in the short term, but you're trading a 27 and 26 year old for a 32 and 24 year old so you'll loose that deal after 2-3 years.
  7. Start with Beni + Carrasco. If they don't bite, then move up to Beni + Kershaw for Betts and Paxton
  8. Arenado is worth more than Machado, but there's a big gap between Kimbrel and Cueto. I'd only do the deal if I was deep in saves. Otherwise, try and put a different person in that deal.
  9. I would try to deal Santana and Duvall ASAP if it is possible. Also could trade Moncada. Target mid-tier SP that help with specific needs. Berrios, Price, Bundy, Arrieta, Ray, etc.
  10. That was a horrible trade. You should've gotten Gordon plus another top 30 bat for Altuve.
  11. That's an even deal. Try to package Morton and HanRam for a replacement 1B upgrade like E5.
  12. No. Mikolas has been solid if unspectacular, but Castillo has been flaming garbage.
  13. Are they both owned or can you pick them up? I'd pick up Belt right now if he's a FA, but don't drop Zimmerman.
  14. I would sell high on Manaea, but I would not do that particular deal.
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