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  1. Hey guys, We are 1st year league and we've seemed to of lost an owner. Many attempts to connect over the last 2 weeks with no response back. So, I am in search of a new owner for this team. Its $55. H2h category Dynasty on Fantrax. Stars.N.Stripes91@gmail.com Some highlights of the roster include: Pete Alonso Trever Story Guirrel Jr, Lux Muncy Cruz Nola May Castillo Hader Osuna This is the nucleus, the other supporting cast of the team is decent. Daily Lineups 9 bats
  2. ~~ New League~~ I have a 16 team league starting..... This league is 16 teams 6x6 H2H Scoring. H2H Dynasty League. Each category is win / loss/ tie. We will utilize fantrax as the league host site and also Fantrax treasury for safe housing of the league money. Each owner is required to put in $50 to prize money and $5 towards the cost of Fantrax. 2 Initial drafts. MLB player draft and MILB player draft. Separate. Slow draft. Stars.N.Stripes91@gmail.com
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