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  1. Is this legit? Or is he going to be significantly worse when he regresses or Zion comes back?
  2. Is he a good long term fit in dynasty? Or will he eventually be replaced?
  3. As a dynasty owner, is Nurse gonna mess him up with these minutes? Dude is 33 already, almost 34. Can he really keep playing with this workload?
  4. You think he's going to be the guy next season?
  5. What's this guys dynasty outlook looking like? Is he actually the top guy here for the long haul or is it just a product of his circumstance as the only good option on a horrible team?
  6. This guy needs to be unlocked. Per 36: 15.4 points, 8.8 reb, 6.2 ast, 2.6 stl, solid percentages. Obviously Pop would never play him that much, but even 30-31 min per night would greatly open up his value.
  7. What is his long term outlook? Is he a guy that will get real minutes in the coming years or is he playing well for a bad team and can easily be replaced?
  8. Where do you guys value Ja moving forward in dynasty? Is he a top 30 asset?
  9. Who would you guys rather have, ignoring team build? 9 Cat Roto. WHIR
  10. Do you guys think he's a long term solution for them at guard, or do you think he'll eventually settle into more of a backup role?
  11. Feels like he has to have an uptick in FG%... Shooting 36.4% on 2pt shots, after he shot 42.1% on 95 of them last year. Seems like no one can shoot this badly for an extended period of time from two. Maybe, i dont know.
  12. Ayton, Spida Mitchel, John Collins, Ben Simmons - 9 cat roto, very flexible roster so far. HELP!
  13. This is the most important thing to think about - Coors will really mess up these splits. Arenado will be an elite hitter anywhere he plays on the off chance he leaves. I would be looking for a discount if rumors start swirling.
  14. He's the ideal target for these punt FT/PTS type teams. I love getting him in auction for free after I pair Gobert/Drummond and hit the double punt. Guys like Winslow, Lonzo, Rondo, SloMo can round out your team for cheap when you go with a stars and scrubs approach in this build (though I guess Lonzo is hardly a fantasy scrub, but point still stands)
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