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  1. I'm curious why Charlie Tilson is getting no speculative interest on here. Coming into today, he was .360/.407/.440 with 3 SBs without being caught in 7 games with the White Sox (he was 0-4 today). Batting leadoff today. Obviously, he won't keep the pace up, but is AAA numbers this year were much improved (.333/.397/.475). His track record on SB in the minors is uneven to say the least (due at least in part to past injuries), but he as a 70 speed grade on Fangraphs. To make a direct comparison, his AAA numbers this year are almost identical to Mercado, as are his Steamer projections. Both are mostly interesting for SB upside. Tilson is older, and Mercado probably has more long term value. But in redraft, why give Mercado so much attention and Tilson none? [...]
  2. Surprisingly, the fundamentals on this Machado are pretty good. The statcast data actually kind of likes him, both in barrel % and expected wOBA on Baseball Savant. On Fangraphs, compared to previous MLB stints, his hard hit ball % is way up, his LD and FB rates are both up. He's chasing out of the zone less, swinging more in the zone with more frequent contact. He's been reasonably valuable to this point as a fantasy asset, mostly by piling up runs and RBI surprisingly quickly (probably flukishly for a 9 hitter on the TIgers). But if he's hitting the ball as well as it seems, we should expect his .233 BABIP to correct, which would make his slash line respectable. I know there's not much upside here, but I'm surprised there's no discussion of him I can find at all. Could a change of approach have made him worthwhile in deeper leagues at least?
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