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  1. F me. Sorry to whatever mod is going to have to clean up my mess above. I tried editing my post right after to fix my typing while driving spelling and ended up quoting myself
  2. I totally get the sell high theory if there is really anyone that wants to pay a premium after a very good Seattle start and a filthy no-no. He was about my very last pick in both drafts, and it would take someone hitting me up and really blowing me away to get him. The guy has had a shoulder issue and TJ.. he also has just been plain bad at times in his career. But I watched him a ton at NC State and I’ve never been able to quit this guy. He use to absolutely kill me when I would watch his first couple years because I couldn’t tell you the amount of times it seemed he had a guy with a 1
  3. He throws 100 and has a nasty slider. 10k's in a start? Yeah say no more, i'm going in.
  4. Open Day tomorrow... and thank Baby Jesus for that. I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone in here in advance for the solid content! This closer thread is the single reason I would always check these forums over the years and is the main reason I never take a closer before the end of my draft. I just peep this and end up with 3 top 20 guys eventually anyway. Best of luck fellas.. let’s get some ships
  5. I guess you’ve never owned O’Neil then
  6. First of all, there are a lot of Luis Garcia’s listed in the ol ESPN fantasy baseball database, but we are talking about the possible #5 starter for the Astros to open the season. I’ve been doing some deep diving today and he seems pretty interesting to me, I was hoping maybe some other have additional info or optimism. Limited time in the minors, but the numbers were very nice. Low ERA and high K numbers. He came up for the end of last season out the bullpen, and even pitched in game 5 of the playoffs. I know he is currently only projected to fill in for Ordorizzi for the mome
  7. So I started this jackweed yesterday in points league... he went on to get a solid -3 (never seen that before in 7 years of doing this scoring) and I lost by 1. I couldn’t have dropped his a** quicker this morning.
  8. Any guesses on if he goes today or not after sitting yesterday? My only sub for him plays in the early 11am game today with OKC and I’m in a nail biter. He sat with that same sore knee and they won by like 20.. so seems kinda pointless to throw him back out there the following day.
  9. Dropped Kyle Anderson bum a** for him. I have Moses & Robert Williams. So based off Roto forum hype alone I should win my league easily now.
  10. What are you even talking about? I’ve watched this whole game and nothing he has done would require this kind of under the bridge troll commentary. As of reading this he has 18 points, 13 assist and 2 turnovers.
  11. Yeah the mins have never been and issue and won’t be the rest of the season either. He just isn’t making much of an impact on D.. and that’s what he was drafted for in real life. The offense is none existent, which has made him WW material even though he is 30+ mins. I think best case for this season is Lu Dort production besides the 3s. So whatever that means
  12. This little poon literally won’t play over 20 mins. He is softer than baby ****.
  13. I’m sorry but If “Ez E” is Elliot then you are high. That overpaid chubster should not be on that list of names.
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