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  1. Matheny said he was throwing another live bullpen Friday (haven’t found anything about how that went)… but if all was good ESPN was speculating he will be back by the end of the month.
  2. So is this dude just the best player in fantasy now not named Acuna or what?? MVP! MVP! MVP! Seriously might be the best waiver wire pickup of any fantasy I’ve done this year. Guy is unreal this year
  3. I don’t even mean to keep breaking up what I write but I can’t help but laugh. There has been like 7 post in between my last update of what he’s doing in AAA talking the same played out thing. You would think dude has been like 0-8 with 6 Ks his past couple. But nope… last TWO GAMES he is 4 for 9 with 4 runs, 2 doubles, 1 homer, 4 RBIs, 1 walk, 1 K. Brining his average to .286, OPS to 1.022. Lol Jesus guys.
  4. Low hanging fruit example.. but I think it’s relevant given where they went in the draft, prospect status and tools. Even though he can’t stay healthy. I’m still glad I hung onto Buxton when I read idiots saying the same things. Not all K:BB lines are the same. Not many can do what he is doing right now even with that. That is saying something too. Would I care to stash in redraft? Probably not. But long term nothing about his K rate is still telling me that he can’t figure it out and become a major fantasy contributor for a long time.
  5. Ground breaking. There are also a ton of “young mashers” who do figure it out or are perfectly fine at the MLB level with such K rates because they tear the cover off the ball when they do hit it. Just like Adell is doing now with a .280 average, .1.018 OPS and league leading 16 homers (like 6 more than anybody else). The K’s are literally the only reason he is still down in the minors and everyone knows. Also, look around at today’s game. His isn’t until a lot of guys currently at the bigs doing alright. If he doesn’t figure those out I can still see him being a stud. If he does? He
  6. People coming in and repeatedly saying the say thing with this dude is annoying. Read the other 3 pages you aren’t breaking any news. Yes he has about a 30% K rate and doesn’t take many walks. Not ideal. But he’s also freaking mashing and 21 years old. So chill out
  7. With how disgusting catcher is? Yes. At least until he starts hitting .190 again. I’ve been watching the last couple weeks and he actually has looked pretty solid. Almost like 2018ish Sanch. Hopefully he can build into the summer.
  8. Cody Bellinger was the 7th worst in all of baseball vs the fastball last season. I don’t know how that exactly relates but I heard it on the Dodger broadcast the other night
  9. 2-4 tonight with a double, 2 runs, 3 RBI’s and his AAA league leading 16th opposite field homer. Currently through 149 AB’s he has 35 RBI’s with a .282 average and 1.018 OPS. So far in June he has 17 Ks in 51 AB’s (33%) and no walks. So it’s like he doesn’t of course still have things to work on. But I think the Angels are smart by letting him cook down in triple. Their GM has made the comments that it’s great he is mashing homers, but they want him working on quality AB’s.. and again I agree. Angels big league squad obviously have the need, but they aren’t going anywhere regardless.
  10. The new #1 pitching prospect in baseball (according to BA). Checking in at #11 overall 🔥
  11. I'm still good with him in the top 5, but I would love if this scared some off and he went cheaper. He is one of the most efficient WR in the game.. hasn't relied on huge target numbers to produce and is a straight up beast against man coverage. You know what is going to ensure man coverage this season? Henry & Julio. Also, I think the O/U on games played for Julio is unfortunately about 12.5. So bake in his none Julio games and this dude is still going to be a monster. Now he just isn't the only target defenses have to worry about and he can take one of his 5 catches 70 yards to the
  12. It’s not that he’s so bad, it’s that they are so bad. Their GM is smart and letting him take the necessary time to develop after last seasons debacle of a call up. The power is awesome and shows his potential top 20 overall fantasy ceiling, but his K’s and his defense need some work. Instead of throwing him to MLB pitching just because they have a need, they are letting him crush in AAA and continue to work on the issues. I absolutely love it. This guy is the future and as he continues to make quality Abs and pitch selection he’s going to be a superstar.
  13. I want to punch Kevin Cash in the face. Took him out again with under 60 pitches and cruising. Besides that, Big Dick Rich is balling. He is pitching like a top 20 guy right now.
  14. Might as well post the first moonshot one from tonight too https://www.milb.com/video/adell-mashes-moonshot?t=milb-top-videos
  15. He just had another 2 homer game tonight. His forth such game this season. Leading the league with 14. I think the haters in here need to chill. https://www.milb.com/video/adell-goes-yard-again?t=milb-top-videos
  16. The Orioles’ No. 2 prospect struck out eight and allowed one earned run on four hits and two walks over five innings Wednesday in his Double-A Bowie debut as the Baysox defeated Hartford, 2-1, at Dunkin’ Donuts Park. Rodriguez mostly sat at 97-99 mph with his fastball and also hit 100 mph six times in the season-high 71-pitch outing while working in a steady diet of sliders, curveballs and changeups. He threw 47 of those pitches for strikes and got swings and misses on 17 occasions. That worked out to a 23.9 percent swing-and-miss rate, just above the Minor League-best 23.3 percent rate h
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPpEfAWAQSZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  18. Hopefully not. He’s hitting homers which is great.. but the Ks are a major issue. That combined with his terrible defense still mean he isn’t ready. As an Angels fan I sure hope he stays down majority of the season. They don’t need to rush him and ruin him because their non playoff team is beat up
  19. I don’t think he was unavailable because when Abreu was up during that last AB the announcers said Clase was up in the pen throwing
  20. Karinchak kicking off June in style
  21. People including Roto blurbs keep saying he looked good on his rehab.. but he really didn’t. Not that it even matters, the only thing with a rehab is getting out of it healthy and with some rust off. But he went 4 for 20 with 2 homers. Batting .200 in AAA as a former MVP isn’t exactly tearing the cover off. Overall, I don’t think the homers are going to be an issue, his swing alone is going to generate close to 30. Like I said, I’m not saying sell because I don’t think there is any point to even try to shop him right now. I’ve had him in a dynasty league and would have sold him if I had
  22. This guy looks awful right now. I watched him get blown away with fastball all weekend and was just thinking oh he is just coming back from injury he will be okay... until I listened to the actual broadcast yesterday. They were talking about his struggles with the fastball and pointed out that he was the 7th worst in all of baseball vs the fastball last season... and that all of his numbers against the fastball were about half of what they were in his 2019 MVP season. I am stuck with him so I’ll go down with the ship.. but I don’t feel good about him chances of coming back anywhere
  23. United States 7, Nicaragua 1 Left-hander Matthew Liberatore, the Cardinals’ No. 1 prospect and No. 30 prospect in baseball according to MLB Pipeline, tossed five solid innings while giving up one run on five hits, walking one and striking out four on 86 pitches. Liberatore got plenty of run support at Clover Park, primarily from Red Sox No. 3 prospect(No. 92 overall) Jarren Duran and Mariners prospect Eric Filia. Duran singled three times in six at-bats, driving in two. Filia also drove in two while going 2-for-5 with a pair of singles. Reds catching prospect Mark Kolozsvary went 2-for-
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