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  1. I do like Varsho, too. But, once up, he probably won't play much vs lefties...and if so, he'll probably struggle there, for now. He was a top C target of mine (in Yahoo) to use with streamers on days he is off/out, etc... until I heard about IKF retaining C eligibility.
  2. My life is great! Yahoo does not affect it in any negative way 😉
  3. I hear that, but they could/should have announced it prior to the release date. Many leagues (some big money leagues) are affected via trades that were made for players who now have eligibility that they should not have. If they knew this was happening for 2021, they could have at least made an announcement closer to the end of last season/over the course of the winter.
  4. Yahoo! announced the ridiculous eligibility stuff on their site now: What's New for Fantasy Baseball '21 Updated scoring setting for points-based leagues Updated points-only and head-to-head points league scoring to better balance hitting and pitching. Position Eligibility Batters and pitchers will not lose positional eligibility gained from the 2019 season, even if they didn’t meet t
  5. Got another (direct) reply, via DM, from one of their product managers...."for position eligibility, we are carrying over what was earned in 2019 if the player didnt earn it in 2020."...so, yeah, doesn't seem like they'll be adjusting anything further...and what is showing now, position-wise, will remain for the 2021 season. As far as playoffs, they are 'looking into it'...if anyone is interested in that.
  6. Yahoo has some not so smart people working for them...someone on twitter named @kalidalaw (see his 'tweets and replies' for this) asked about position eligibility, too. they replied, and I quote, "players do not lose their eligibility from year to year. Once a position is obtained by a player, they typically do not lose that eligibility if they change positions later in their career."--- What a joke! lolll They are clueless and clearly don't care what their reps put out there, to represent their brand. SMH
  7. I got a reply from Yahoo, but it, as is typical, doesn't make much sense...so I have asked a follow-up question and will update with whatever they come back with. Regarding 2021 position eligibility, they just told me the following: "batters and pitchers will NOT lose position eligibility gained from the 2019 season if they did not meet the required minimums during the shortened 2020 season." To me, it seems as if they are sticking with giving position eligibility for those earned in 2019 even if the player did not qualify, based on their requirements, in 2020. If they
  8. Yahoo's eligibility is definitely reflective of 2019, from what I see, but their playoff week options are also all kinds of messed up. This is not a good start for them, as usual. Hoping to get some clarification from them asap.
  9. Yahoo just replied to someone’s tweet, to confirm that they’re launching at some point today
  10. Yahoo supposedly opens tomorrow; click on the 'registration' option https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN14218.html
  11. Can you show/tell who tweeted that? Sounds fairly legit based on what I’ve heard. Thanks
  12. It’s been the mid 20s in January for years now and it was barely before February Last year; January 30. All they’ve said on Twitter so far is that it will be the last week of January this year
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