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  1. Max Schrook 5-5 with a dinger today. So it’s not Votto having a great year , it’s the Reds 1B position doing it
  2. Tampa is gonna Tampa but Castillo isn’t a free agent until 2025
  3. On his way to Milwaukee for Cooper Hummel & Alberto Ciprian . Nice move by the Brewers
  4. Harrison Bader is starting to put it together. He was 3 for 4 today, bringing his BA to .299. OBP is .358. 8 HR; 24 RBI; 5 SB in 40 games. Over a full season (admittedly, far from a sure thing) 32 HR, 20 SB. He’s had his detractors in the past (justifiably), but what we have seen so far in 2021 is extremely impressive. He’s just another example of a super toolsy athlete that needed time for everything to come together
  5. LaMonte Wade is totally flying under the radar
  6. Interestingly Franchy mainly played 1st in AAA
  7. Hock is starting tomorrow (Thursday) Vs the Yankees at Fenway
  8. Coming into 2021, Harrison Bader's K rate for the 4 previous seasons was 26.1%; 29.3%; 28.8%; and 32%. In 2021, over roughly the same number of AB as 2020, his K rate has dropped dramatically to 14.7%. While he does not profile as a high average guy, his current average of .264 is solid in these times. However, his HR/SB pace, if extrapolated over 154 games, is 26/22.
  9. Well I guess I picked a bad week to acquire Bauer in a trade
  10. He did very well the 1st time against Atlanta I wonder if his 6’7’” height is playing up his velocity . His FB spin is high but velocity is low. More data needed for an accurate picture https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/zach-thompson-605507?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb
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