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  1. Let's assume H2H and let's assume you're punting/ignoring at least one category. Let's assume it's a 12 teamer with 13 players. With that in mind, there's only a handful of players who've play around 30 minutes a game over the past 10 years that aren't fantasy relevant. Doug McDermott? Tony Snell? Even Robeson has been kinda relevant.
  2. A mod should move some of these posts to a new thread, if possible.
  3. This might be the weirdest, most undercover homoerotic thing I've ever typed, but it's true. Here goes: when black skin gets sweaty, under lights, the muscle definition is way, way more obvious than when white skin gets sweaty under lights. Black guys will always look more toned/ripped/whatever because of this very basic visual thing. Just like how in porn the "black latex" thing is pretty prevelant, cause the way light hits it accentuates a woman's curves. White latex is way more of a niche, because when light hits it, it just looks like anything else that's tight. Jeez I feel di
  4. That's fine if that's your strategy, but it really doesn't have anything to do with the phrase "He can single-handedly win a category for you". You don't like guys that do that, and that's okay. Some people do, though.
  5. Because people fight about if it means to solidify that category for you (maybe Mitchell, blocks) or if it weighs that category down negatively (Drummond, FT). I find that debate funny as hell, though.
  6. I mean okay, but when one guy gives you over half of your production in that cat, "single-handedly winning you that category" is how it's said. It doesn't mean he supplied 100% of your production in that category, it means that just by having him on your team, you go from being bad in it to being good in it. You could take it further and say Gobert had 12 of your 20 blocks and you beat the other team 20-11, too, but it's not necessary.
  7. You've never had a week where you won blocks 20-18 or something like that, and Gobert had 12ish of them? I'm sure you have.
  8. It should be opening up any day now, I'd think. We're like six weeks out from the season starting, no?
  9. I'm sure he could be useful in a punt FG, but I don't really know when or how that would be. I can see it, but I don't think it's very common. Maybe you take a guy in your first pick that's neutral in that regard (Steph, maybe he falls to 4), then your second pick is a punt FG guy and two rounds later you end up with Kevin Love. Suddenly you're looking good at other cats and you're like hmm, it's the 8th round and I think I'm punting FG, Rozier kinda "fell" (from his too-high ADP), I'll take him. It's not likely and I wouldn't target him, but I can think of a few situations where I
  10. Well, most people do say that. But apparently a random Laker fan thinks that the Clippers pretty well talked about depth doesn't exist and the Lakers well talked about lack of roster behind LeBron/AD/Kuzma doesn't exist. So that's interesting.
  11. Bro, if you think the Lakers and Clippers have similar "depth issues" you can only be a Lakers fan or a Clippers hater. The Clippers are deep. The Lakers are shallow. That's all there is to it.
  12. I don't value it very high, but let's be clear: We simply don't know when he's coming back. Would December shock you? Would October shock you? To me, neither would. So that's the entire point. How do you value 40ish games? How do you value 60ish games? Or, in H2H, how do you value having a guy on your IR for the first 3-4 matchups, then giving you top 40 (because he's still resting some) value overall the rest of the season? I understand why you said the top 5 rounds, because I kinda implied that it was weird that he wasn't thought of until the 6th, but that's not what I meant. Wh
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