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  1. I hear you but Conley not the same type of athlete Hardman is - Conley tall, skinny and runs fast but not quick...can't get off press coverage if it was done by Mini-Me. Hardman much more compact and sudden off the line...they're just different to me & the type of player I see in Hardman fits in the KC offense far better than Conley. I do agree 100% that Hardman has to make his own place in offense & not be "next Tyreek Hill" - if he gets as many or more of the 52 targets Conley got last year, I think we'll know what that place is. He's one of the more intriguing rooks out there simply because of the situation he is in. A lot depends on the Tyreek Hill situation.
  2. This dood is resting again? I don't think rest is what he needs. I think he's had too much rest. Maybe that's it.
  3. Chris Conley & the four like him probably didn't have a Patrick Mahomes putting the ball in his hands & extending plays allowing him to get open either. Hardman's apparent lack of eye popping stats is a product of a classic ball-control offense they have at UGA. He has the physical skills. He has Andy Reid orchestrating ways to get the most from those skills. There is a lot to like here.
  4. He missed virtually an entire year - no BP, no effective way to preserve the timing one gets from seeing live pitching, no muscle memory work to get that torque just right...UCL repair is more than just throwing obviously. I personally expected a sluggish first half of the season with a mid-late season resurgence as he gets timing & confidence back. Like most pitchers coming back from TJS, most are 'not quite right' until the year AFTER they come back....if that is even slightly true for fielders/hitters, we won't see the Corey Seager we've come to expect until late this season or perhaps 2020. If you're impatient, hold for a hot streak & trade in redraft....hold in dynasty/keeper IMHO. Next year will be redemption, if not 2nd half 2019.
  5. Take a bow, Aaron Hicks. You are officially the softest player in the game atm and I don't think it's close.
  6. Miami has some good young arms in Caleb Smith, Pablo Lopez, Trevor Richards etc etc...they just have ZERO run support and are being wasted atm.
  7. Agree. My biased optimistic side sees Tapia play & if there is any player in MLB now that can't be gauged by sabermetrics & deep stats, it's him. I think he only gets better with experience. He's fun to watch, production will come.... And they are good points, COL will absolutely sit him for Desmond at the first sign of a cold streak & already it seems he's being kept from LHP starters even though his vsLHP/vsRHP are even. It'll be frustrating but hopefully we'll see a lot more good than bad as the season goes & by this time next year, Tapia will be an entrenched unquestioned starter in the COL OF.
  8. I am in no hurry to plug him into my lineup. For we OF-specific leaguers, anyone say with certainty where he'll see time when he does get back? Will he slide into CF and only play there or will he get bits of playing time in LF and/or RF as well while other NYY outfielders get healthy? CSB warning...signed him up 2 years ago & he was eligible to play all 3 OF spots - a lot of his value to me was in terms of OF-position flexibility. Now, that is gone after last year had him strictly in CF. It'd be nice if the injury situation got him eligibility in LF/RF too.
  9. MLB is not easy as some make it look. Corey missed a whole year, it's going to take some time to get the routine back set & timing at the plate down. It will come, probably just not as quickly as some would like. I'm patient...it will come.
  10. CBS has him pitching today (Thursday, 5/2) & like Trexpenniebaker alluded, I would imagine Woodruff sticks in the rotation with Chase being on DL with mysterious lacerated finger. I'd love to know if anyone hears differently to plan for next week though.
  11. Manager & others are saying CHW have no plans to make him a RP. If it is indeed a mechanical flaw, something as simple as rocking side to side instead of having all momentum/motion heading toward home plate/the target, it could be just what he needs. It's obvious he got rushed up to the bigs way too fast & just wasn't ready. Maybe he can figure some things out on the farm, find a pitch-by-pitch routine so he's not so inconsistent & maybe get some confidence back. I still think he can be a good SP, he was too good at Vandy to just suck out loud the way he has thus far.
  12. I honestly hadn't thought of it from the older player's perspective...I imagine that's my tunnel vision of seeing it from the fan point of view. @osb_tensor is right....it's a great question. I would think the MLBPA would represent the best interests for ALL players, whether they be in the minors or already in MLB. As I understand it, when a player gets paid, a portion is automatically taken out to pay for MLBPA dues but no clue if that's also the case for those in minor leagues. If it's just MLB paychecks that fund MLBPA and only MLB players make up the leadership within MLBPA, of course the system for promotion (and thus, pushing out of aging or injured vets) would be slanted against up-and-comers & for veteran players. As for owners, they are likely only interested in the P&L for the most part - GM's, scouts & agents would be far more interested in the product on the field as a good product gives them job security. I'm sure most owners want the best on-field product as well but teams like Pittsburgh (pre-Neil Huntington era) or Milwaukee (throughout Bud Selig era) have shown many to put below-average at best teams on the field via ridiculously low payroll figures & still be profitable. They were both essentially MLB-level farm systems for the rest of the league for a long time.
  13. Just starting dynasty play so excuse my request to clarify this post....you saying Helsley is far more likely (would you say probably??) going to be a RP/Closer type at MLB level than Corbin Martin?
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