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  1. In. Your. Opinion. I don't necessarily agree with that.. and that's ok.
  2. I had read an article recently (was going to post but can't find) which showed it about the same. Good info. @merlin401 this is what I was referencing previously.
  3. Think he is inferring that with the current PC culture we live in, companies seem to fear the appearance of not falling in-line moreso than the virus itself. That's just reality. I'm all for being pro-active but don't think for a second the media isn't milking this viewership for all its worth.
  4. If you do some research, it's just way too early to compare. For instance, at this point in the H1N1, it was fairly similar. Only time will tell..
  5. Same with us. Several coming in from OOS. Getting 14 guys with wives & kids to have a free weekend takes planning. Going to tough it out.
  6. Will be tricky with scheduling. Obviously teams will have to play inner-division teams same number of times. I counted 33 games scheduled (Rays) through April.. I would assume they'd be playing before May. JMO
  7. Yahoo shows he needs 1 more start at 2nd (or 5 more appearances).
  8. On pace for 162 RBI's! Batting average seems suspect though..
  9. I still think Bumgarner ends up somewhere else by the end of the day. 🤞
  10. Added. Desperation is a stinky cologne.
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