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  1. Haven't seen anything about his status. Any chance he misses next week?
  2. He's having a pretty big year I'm sure he wants to be out there to pad his stats.
  3. Right when I start feeling confident this report comes out what a joke. Didn't he go back into the game last week?
  4. Probably not likely but I'll never give up.
  5. Starting Dalvin Cook and James Robinson over him. So not much info for ya there. Oh and AJ Brown in flex.
  6. You're also obviously an Eagles fan so unfortunately your take can't be trusted. No offence.
  7. We bench him and he'll go berserk such is life.
  8. I'm torn between the Saints and the Seahawks. Not sure if Jalen Hurts will have a game or not. If Jamison Crowder is out I'm definitely rolling with the Seahawks.
  9. Both my teams are in first place and both are named Cobra Kyler....with that being said, while I am not planning on changing my team name I am considering starting Ryan Tannehill.
  10. Cleveland D if available. Giants week 15 Jets week 16.
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