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  1. Pretty self explanatory. I had Escobar all of 2019 and I know the guy can rake. While I believe in France I'm not sure he can keep up with Escobar's HR production. Check my team:
  2. Red Sox closers are a drop their offense is too good they win by too many runs.
  3. Yeah this dude has 3 days to do something or I'll be dropping his a**.
  4. Yordan Rules And my other league I joined my friends college frat league and spank them around every year so my team name is GDI Champion.
  5. That dinger was a thing of beauty. Him and Bo Bichette are my new favorite dynamic duo. They look like the bestest of friends.
  6. My pitching stats this week have made it hard to look at my matchup.
  7. As a Sox fan who has Devers as a keeper I can honestly say he has looked like hot garbage there has been zero silver lining so far his swings are pathetic he looks like he forgot to play baseball in the offseason.
  8. Damn I guess I reached for him 😅fuggit
  9. Not a chance. Glasnow made it through 6 innings allowing 1 hit to the Marlins AND THEY STILL PULLED HIM. Imagine if he gave up two walks. They'd pull his a** after 5 innings. Avoid the Rays staff at all costs.
  10. Will Smith strikes out Phillies 1-2-3 batters all swinging take a seat chumps.
  12. Good going Colome. Hopefully this gives Rogers a bump.
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