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  1. I don't own him its just typically what he does after he puts up a clunker and no one expects him to do well.
  2. I like Javonte Williams around that price range too. Great matchup, more carries than Melvin last week and cheaper than him. I find myself spending down on RBs after a couple of lineups. Najee Harris is only $6,100. Denver Broncos pass catchers are also a target.
  3. Targeting Rondale Moore on Fanduel this week. Arizona vs. Minnesota has shootout potential and he's only $4,900.
  4. Pitts every week. And no to the second question for the rest of the weeks.
  5. Was cleaning up my photos and I found this beauty from 3 years ago.
  6. What's got me excited is, with Kyler's scrambling ability, the man who can get open is going to get the ball. I know I saw a play like this at least once Week 1. Rondale has the best agility/speed and with his size its not easy to keep track of him. Not only will he get the designed plays but he will get a majority of the broken plays (unless Kyler wants to huck it up to Nuk in double coverage) in my opinion.
  7. Generally short passes go to RBs and TEs. It could potentially boost his target share.
  8. Needs way more emojis and spelling errors. Keep practicing.
  9. If I lose my semifinals matchup cause of this guy he is a BUM. If I win my semifinals matchup and he has a two start week next week in the finals and pitches well he is a GOD.
  10. We all knew it was a tough matchup against a top corner yet people are surprised when the Saints gameplan to go elsewhere.
  11. Karinchak doesn't even deserve to be in AAA since the crackdown.
  12. Bruh where the F are the Angels finding these people!!! Janson Junk are you kidding me? Last night it was Packy Naughty or some ****. 🤣
  13. Need a Ynoa GEM c'mon boy. Go Quantrill as well.
  14. Bawby D been raking hope all of the haters in this thread are knocked out of the playoffs and 0-1 in their 6 man football leagues. 🖕
  15. Josh Gordon thread with 3 pages? I'm ready to be hurt again.
  16. Hoping he gets dropped in at least one of my leagues where I don't own him. Couple more negative couch speaks and one more bad game might do it.
  17. Didn't bother touching him. He's gonna need 20+ carries in this offense and gamescript won't be so favorable moving forward.
  18. F*ckin BRADLEY zimmer has to hit a line drive off of Joe Ryan before he can get the QS. Sick bro.
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