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  1. Fair enough. You said he is not safe for a top 5 pick. Seems like he's been pretty consistent to me outside of September, and as another user noted he heated back up in the playoffs. You can use whatever arbitrary goalposts such as "unbelievable as in god like" you want but the stats don't back up your point. His hitting from 2019 prorates to a top 5 pick value if he had stayed healthy. That is pretty unbelievable to me as far as rookie seasons go, and demonstrates that he has consistently been one of the game's best hitters throughout his time in the league.
  2. Here's a month-by-month (ish) breakdown of FTJ's career: 3/28/19-4/28/19: 27 Games, 6 HR, .300 avg, 13 RBI, .910 OPS, 6 SB, 14 R. 6/6/19-6/30/19: 21 Games, 5 HR, .383 avg, 15 RBI, 1.149 OPS, 6 SB, 26 R. 7/1/19-7/30/19: 24 Games, 8 HR, .314 avg, 17 RBI, .943 OPS, 2 SB, 14 R. 8/1/19-8/13/19: 12 Games, 3 HR, .255 avg, 8 RBI, .843 OPS, 2 SB, 7 R. 7/24/20-7/31/20: 8 Games, 2 HR, .313 avg, 9 RBI, 1.046 OPS, 3 SB, 7 R. 8/1/20-8/31/20: 29 Games, 11 HR, .313 avg, 24 RBI, 1.057 OPS, 4 SB, 31 R. 9/1/20-9/27/20: 22 Games, 4 HR, .208 avg, 12 RBI, .714 OPS, 4 SB 12
  3. Nothing here is an actual reason or argument for why there shouldn't be a DH in MLB.
  4. Not necessarily. If it's easier to make the playoffs with a mediocre team, clubs will be de-incentivez to improve because you only have to be middle of the pack to make the playoffs. No thank you.
  5. At risk of hijacking the Rays thread - but I don't think Chaim Bloom was hired to do anything but mimic the star-dumping Rays system while keeping the Red Sox competitive/"good but not great". I doubt we see them spend over the luxury tax again anytime soon. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. The teams under $40 million total payroll are the problem, not the Dodgers. Best thing for baseball is teams trying to win.
  7. I believe they hit the tax reset mark after last season, yet they failed to go after anyone this off-season. I could be wrong about them being under though.
  8. The "good but not great" philosophy is sadly spreading upwards to bigger-market teams like the Cubs and Red Sox too. Sucks for baseball overall but I guess bodes well for the Rays via weaker competition? Sox seem to be mailing it in for the next 2 years at least.
  9. Very true. MLB pretty much acknowledges as much in the statement they released: MLB knows the universal DH is a good idea in regards to fan appeal, but still won't enact it without getting some sort of concession out of it from MLBPA.
  10. Sounds as if the season will be starting on time with a goal of 162 games played. https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-statement-on-start-of-2021-spring-training-season
  11. Dooooo they think we all had our minds erased, Men In Black style? Ha. I get why they are making the choice they seem to be making in terms of positional eligibility (taking the easiest/simplest for them to execute is in line with their track record). But lying to us about the way they've handled eligilibility in the past is pretty funny/ridiculous.
  12. Wouldn't mind seeing the Red Sox take a flier, based on the current state of their team it couldn't hurt. According to Bleacher Nation he is on the Cubs' radar and they'll be scouting him this week. As far as fantasy goes, I couldn't see him being more than an end-of-draft flier.
  13. As far as the "they're just memes Schilling is reposting" argument: If you post racist memes you are a racist, if you post transphobic memes you are a transphobe, etc. etc. He has straight up told us who he is, repeatedly. A piss-poor character who should not be celebrated.
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