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  1. Giancarlo is truly sucking so far; the 11 RBI are his only contribution that even qualify as decent. April is typically his worst month - his career April OPS is .813, vs. an overall career OPS of .902. Sadly his OPS this year so far is .575 so he isn't even approaching his usual floor just yet. To anybody that's been watching Yankees games regularly- does he look terrible at the plate, ala Gary Sanchez of the last few years, or does he just need some good ol fashioned regression to the mean?
  2. (not that you were asking me) H - Just behing Acuna and Soto. Just kidding... kind of? Gotta think he'd be a top 25 pick at least though. P - probably 10th round in a 12 team league.
  3. FTJ is set to be activated tomorrow, according to Yahoo's blurb about him
  4. And after a dominant outing, May has been rewarded by having his start on Sunday pushed back in favor of keeping Kershaw on regular rest. Gotta think Kershaw must have lobbied for this. Guess we can expect the Dodgers to keep messing with May's turns in the rotation all year.
  5. The NY Daily News article posted at the bottom of page 4 of this thread has a lot of tough guy nonsense from (Doctor? Medical Expert?) Nolan Ryan but actually contains one pertinent quote from Tommy John that I'd be more inclined to believe as part of the reason for the increased injuries:
  6. What proof is there? Pitchers are built diffrently than they used to be and throw much harder. The wear and tear pitchers put on their arms today is not analagous to pitchers of the 1950s.
  7. Couldn't find a thread for him. This guy could make for a great sleeper. From the latest Rotowo, er, Sports Edge blurb: That Brewers leadoff spot/home park combination sounds very nice...
  8. It's a joke. No reason to not have re-signed Bradley given the amount he received from the Brewers. Mediocrity reigns supreme.
  9. Almora is actually worse against lefties than Nimmo in their careers, and in the last two years it hasn't even been close. Almora has been abysmal overall offensively lately and I don't see Nimmo losing many ABs to him. However Pillar destroyed lefties last year so good point, if Nimmo struggles against lefties he will probably lose some ABs to Pillar.
  10. I could be wrong, but I think Yahoo actually allows you to turn that particular setting on or off - whether or not rosters lock once the playoffs begin. EDIT: The answer is... kind of. They allow the commissioner to lock transactions for eliminated teams once the regular season ends. Playoff teams obviously could still add/drop.
  11. If he's their primary leadoff hitter, as noted in the top post, he'll get plenty of ABs to get to 100 runs.
  12. Fair enough. You said he is not safe for a top 5 pick. Seems like he's been pretty consistent to me outside of September, and as another user noted he heated back up in the playoffs. You can use whatever arbitrary goalposts such as "unbelievable as in god like" you want but the stats don't back up your point. His hitting from 2019 prorates to a top 5 pick value if he had stayed healthy. That is pretty unbelievable to me as far as rookie seasons go, and demonstrates that he has consistently been one of the game's best hitters throughout his time in the league.
  13. Here's a month-by-month (ish) breakdown of FTJ's career: 3/28/19-4/28/19: 27 Games, 6 HR, .300 avg, 13 RBI, .910 OPS, 6 SB, 14 R. 6/6/19-6/30/19: 21 Games, 5 HR, .383 avg, 15 RBI, 1.149 OPS, 6 SB, 26 R. 7/1/19-7/30/19: 24 Games, 8 HR, .314 avg, 17 RBI, .943 OPS, 2 SB, 14 R. 8/1/19-8/13/19: 12 Games, 3 HR, .255 avg, 8 RBI, .843 OPS, 2 SB, 7 R. 7/24/20-7/31/20: 8 Games, 2 HR, .313 avg, 9 RBI, 1.046 OPS, 3 SB, 7 R. 8/1/20-8/31/20: 29 Games, 11 HR, .313 avg, 24 RBI, 1.057 OPS, 4 SB, 31 R. 9/1/20-9/27/20: 22 Games, 4 HR, .208 avg, 12 RBI, .714 OPS, 4 SB 12
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