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  1. They will 100% baby this kid. He was one of the top pitching prospects in baseball IIRC when they made the Sale trade. He throws gas and is coming off TJ surgery. I'd peg his innings in the 50 - 100 range If they keep him in the pen all year it will be 50, but I think this is probably too safe a road to travel. If they move him to the rotation eventually, which I think they want to, then I could see 100, and maybe more if he a) pitches really well, and b) they're fighting for the playoff spot/in the playoffs. We all remember the Nats with Stras tho. Some teams protect the arm no matte
  2. If you're starved for pitching, are in need of some depth, or have a good starting 5 and can sit a guy in reserve as insurance then Cobb may not be a bad pick up. He's out of Baltimore and he looks healthy. He had a couple of quality seasons in Tampa and maybe he's back at that level. I won't count on it, but as a depth piece or dart throw he's interesting.
  3. I read somewhere that his elbow is junk and that he needed TJ but chose to do the rest/rehab thing. Add in his off the field history and my guess is teams don't want to sink a couple of million into an arm and attitude that might not last long this season. Of course once a few pen arms go down, or some teams pen is killing their playoff hopes, those negatives probably go out the window.
  4. I'm stashing x2. He just went so late in both drafts that I felt the draft cost would be worth the investment. Be it by playing for me, or moving him to a pitching hungry owner when he starts to make his return. People will overpay for a name sometimes, or at the very least, pay decently for an arm like Sale. He is kinda behind tho, and that's no bueno.
  5. [...] this guy was a big time talent coming up and he's just never been healthy. The negative is that the Pirates stink and the park is an awful place for hitters.
  6. I say this having not seen him pitch yet, but as an older arm coming off some injury riddled seasons it may be a serious case of rust we're seeing. I remember CC and Mussina (yes I'm a Yankees fan) always starting off with lower velo in the early part of the season and then seemingly adding a couple of ticks once they broke themselves in for the season. I'm not saying that's the case with Kluber, but it's possible. I'd shelve him till he has a good start or two, but I wouldn't drop him just yet.
  7. I'd say 2 weeks if things go perfect (they will likely be cautious with him), but 3-4 weeks should probably be the expected window. A couple of sim games and 2-3 rehab starts is about 14+ days. First week of May give or take?
  8. That's definitely a potential problem. Especially with Naquin hitting like Babe Ruth. There are only so many ABs to go around in the NL without the DH. The one positive for Winker is he would be on the strong side of any platoon at least. Still, no one wants a part time bat in fantasy.
  9. Jansen had a clean 9th with 3Ks so I dropped Knebel for Graveman. It looks like the Knebel saves may have lit a fire under the behind of Mr Jansen.
  10. Corey Knebel in to pitch the 8th with the Dodgers up 3-2. Keep an eye on what happens in the 9th if Knebel holds the lead here.
  11. His owners are probably wondering if he's droppable for the lottery ticket they see on the wire. It might not be a bad time to throw some slop if you believe in the bat long term.
  12. Guys like O'Neill are roller coaster type players. They have immense power, poor contact skills, and K a lot. At the end of the season it's .240 with 25-30 bombs, but the road to get there includes a lot of peaks and valleys. This is the latter we're seeing. Drop away, keep an eye on him for the hot streak, and then pounce.
  13. I dropped him too. I'm a Yankees fan and want nothing more than to see the kid rake, but roster spots in some leagues are a rare resource and this is a time in the year where some gems can be plucked off the wire. He's hitting at the bottom of the order and outside of someone who loved him pre-draft he'll have to get hot for someone to pick him up I figure. There are no right ways, or wrong ways, when it comes to managing the lower end and reserve end of a roster. Sometimes it's risk taking or blind luck that works. Right now I think he's droppable if you think there's a worthy pick
  14. Did anyone see him pitch? The kid was supposed to be a front end talent coming up, but that was his first pro pitch in like 3 or 4 years. Something stupid according to what I heard this morning. I'm surprised they didn't let him work his rust off in the minors first. I'm really curious what he looked like on the mound.
  15. He's a middling to back end starter who gets a bump by pitching in SF. Worth an innings eating roster spot in most leagues imo.
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