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  1. I just took a look. He's tied for 7th among all TE's with 20 targets. The opportunities are there.
  2. If you own Taylor, this guy should be on your roster. 39 yards on 9 carries, and a catch for 6 yards. If Taylor goes down, this kid will ball.
  3. Crappy start of the season for this kid. I drafted him based on where he ranked on the FantasyPoints list and where I was in the draft. I'm not married to him like I would be a known commodity, but there is a job to be had here, and if the pundits are right, he's the best back on the team. I'm going to hold for now.
  4. [...] In 12 teamers I'm holding this guy. The talent is there, the team stinks, and the Giants should be passing a lot ROS.
  5. I had no idea who this guy was and only drafted him because I saw some tweets saying he was going to be the starter while I was drafting. Having watched him play the other night, I liked what I saw. He doesn't look like an elite back but he looks like a genuine 3 down guy. His pass catching was what caught my eye. On a team like the Jags you figure they're likely to be playing from behind in games, so his ability to catch is key to consistent snaps regardless of the game situation. He looks the part of a starting RB.
  6. It's been frustrating, but this kid will get his numbers in the end.
  7. I'm holding. It's been disappointing statistically but I think the numbers are going to come soon enough. He hasn't played in a while but remains healthy, and this team throws a lot.
  8. For fantasy it's an ugly RBBC, 3 headed monster situation in that backfield, but watching last nights game he feels like the back to own out of the trio. He's likely sitting on waivers too in most leagues. It might take an injury for startable touches to come, but if you have the space on your bench he's a decent stash.
  9. I'm not sure what Herbert has to do with Tua. Trubisky went before Mahomes if you're using draft slot as some sort of reference. My take on Tua is based on the reports I read that weren't very favorable. It's all purely speculative tho.
  10. I hope he performs well tonight (and stays healthy) so I can trade him next week. At some point Tua will take over under center and I'd venture to guess that the offense will maybe struggle during that period. Fitz isn't a good real life QB for a team that's looking to compete, but for fantasy purposes he does have a live arm that helps the numbers of the players around him more so than some mediocre QBs might. Camp reports suggested Tua was a work in progress, but with no preseason to see for ourselves it's hard to say for sure.
  11. That was part of the concern of the pundits on XM. That they may push Pittman outside because of the pieces they have there in Indy at the moment (Pascal playing the slot), and he's likely to be far less effective there. The point by these guys was that as a slot he's very appealing. If he gets stuck on the outside out of need or roster composition, then he isn't as appealing. He's on the wire in my 12 teamer and I might take a flyer just to see how he's treated on Sunday.
  12. Everything I read on this kid via the pundits was that he was not likely an immediate starter, but would likely be at some point in the season. That he was the best back on the roster and that would push him to the lead role at some point. I'm not sure that's changed 2 weeks into the season. I would not cut this guy, and in fact, might target him in a trade as a stash.
  13. I could be wrong, but I think Hines is really going to be a game flow type of producer. Someone mentioned Will Fuller with respect to the boom or bust production we might see, and I don't think that's far off. This past week was an example of them being up, and as a running team, pounding it on the ground which pushes Hines to the sideline. In closer games, or if playing from behind, this guy will probably be gold. If he has a big game this week, and that inconsistency isn't something you like, then shopping him might not be a bad idea. Seeing Jordan Wilkins get so much run with the lead
  14. The problem is that Lev Bell will be back in a couple of weeks which will kill the long term value of this guy.
  15. I was in on Paris Campbell but I'm not sold on Pittman. Someone has to catch balls in Indy, but there seems to be a mixed view on where this kid lines up. The consensus seems to be that the slot is where you want to be with Rivers. Some feel Pittman might end up outside. If you have the space take the flyer, but I'm not as juiced for Pittman as I was for Paris.
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