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  1. Exactly. But if you watch Twitter feeds, it's as if roids magically transform you into a skilled athlete and Bonds and other folks were only good because of steroids.
  2. Sorry, I should have been clear, I wasn't trying to say you have it out for him. Twitter constantly points out the long single as evidence that he is immature and needs to grow and it's just tiring at this point. He absolutely has shown tremendous growth as a person and a ball player but I stand by my comment that he absolutely has been an intense player since his call-up. The energy he brings to the team is infectious.
  3. Okay sorry, I'll revise it to 99.9999999999999% of the time he's an intense dude. Also, that "out of shape" guy had a great year that landed him as the 1/1 pick in most leagues this year. People (not necessarily on this forum) seem to have it out for him, especially after pimping what ended up being a long single. The negativity attached to him is bizarre.
  4. He's going to slump, there's no doubt about that but he's always been an intense player. He struggled with velo last year, hopefully he will be more productive with elite velo this year, - that might be the one thing that truly holds him back.
  5. 31 ft/s sprint speed! 30 is elite, beating out that groundball was just incredible! He looks to have unlocked a whole new level of play this year (yes SSS but we know what he is capable of).
  6. I'm sure there is some literature on this. I certainly would not compare MLB to NFL. There is zero reason they cannot time sync videos to the smallest of milliseconds to do an easy side by side comparison. Again, there are countless times it's quite obvious what the right call is but NY does not overturn because it doesn't meet the burden of proof that is required to overturn the call. None of that seems right to me and totally invalidates the purpose of replay which is to get the call on the field correct, regardless of what the original call was.
  7. Yeah he was traded. Don't believe he can go to another team.
  8. That's a totally silly take. You don't find it odd that 29/30 teams let adults be themselves and the Yankees think they are better than everyone else and regulate what someone has on their face?
  9. But it is clear they have standards to overturn a call that are pretty difficult to meet. So what is the point of the replay if there are impossible to meet standards? I totally hear what you are saying, but in this day and age, how often does replay conclude a play is as ambiguous as it appears live? I'd venture to guess very very rarely.
  10. Right, there was a clear angle here but supposedly that angle wasn't enough evidence to overturn the original call. Hence what I mean about a neutral view. A neutral view wouldn't need apparently the standards you need to overturn a call, which basically makes no sense but replay in baseball has been dumb since its inception. And maybe that's how it works in every other sport but that doesn't mean it is how it should work for baseball.
  11. I don't know why they don't review the call neutrally and not to make sure there is enough "evidence" to overturn it. Seriously, who devised such an asinine rule?
  12. Replay is literally a joke in MLB. How the viewers can clearly get the call right but the people who does this for a living is beyind me. Also A-Rod is as big of a joke as replay is.
  13. What is the point of replay even? Didn't look like he touched the plate. Replay is pretty stupid in baseball.
  14. Will Smith is going to be a beast this year even with limited playing time. He keeps hitting like he did last year Roberts will have no choice but to play him regularly.
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