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  1. It's really difficult for me to form a concise opinion on him between the injuries and pandemic shortened seasoned. Do I think he reaches what his ceiling was originally projected to be? No. But, I like his swing, and he still is young enough to put together a career as what I think will ultimately be a solid OF3 in fantasy.
  2. I have Jack in a dynasty league, and he has been disappointing. Still optimistic about his long term future though, and I believe the upside is there. All of that aside, I mainly just posted to comment on Fuzzy_Slippers use of the word "vituperation" in his edit of jmcampbee11's one post. Well done, sir.
  3. Last nights game was a nice flashback to his glory days in Oakland. Sonny's stuff looked great, and perhaps even more importantly, his confidence seems to be back. And in many cases (especially with pitching) that can be the most important thing.
  4. He has. The dude has talent and potential, but he is the next Troy Tulowitzki in the making.
  5. I'll second this. The strike zone lacked a good bit of consistency. I can think of two at bats specifically that should have resulted in an early punch out, but instead resulted in an extra three or four pitches each because of an early missed call. Especially the Wainwright at bat. Overall Archer seemed impressive and a bit more composed. I think a "bounce back" season is in the cards. (And by that I mean 2016 numbers, which I'd take)
  6. Does Rich even have Pitcher eligibility anymore? Feel like by now he can only be drafted for your DL slot.
  7. I just came here because I didn't want to be sad and frustrated alone as he sits with that ugly "Not Active" next to his name on my Dynasty/Keeper League roster.
  8. There is still a lot that needs to shake out from free agency first before I back you on that. Especially with Mike Moustakas still on the market. If the Phils end up not getting Harper I think it's possible they throw some money his way. But, if it comes down to Franco being the 3B you may be on to something there in a potential platoon situation sort of way.
  9. I watched the entire game. I don't think Shamet amounts to much. Washington looked awful, and he benefitted from JJ being out and Simmons finding him for some wide open shots. I'd chalk this up to a fluke more than a breakout. Nice bench player in reality for the Sixers though.
  10. I opted to pick him up when his previous owner dropped him. I had an available IR spot. The way I look at it is like this: He's a couple of months away at best, I had an open IR spot, and should I suffer an injury in the late stretch of the season he could be a poor mans potential double double at worst as a replacement. If he has a setback, or I need the IR spot for a higher priority player, then I will move on from Dwight as well.
  11. I think this just gets TJ McConnell back into the lineup a bit more regularly. I would argue TJ should have been playing more before this development anyway.
  12. Kawhi looked great last night. Especially with it being his first real game back in quite some time. The biggest thing that stood out to me was when he took/tried to draw contact around the rim going in for a layup etc. Typically, he has made those shots and gotten an "And 1", but last night it just wasn't happening. That'll come back in time though I'm sure once he logs a few more games. Otherwise, Leonard looks extremely promising.
  13. In this offense, provided he remains healthy, he is going to equate to a poor mans Ben Simmons. An excellent volume play. There... I said it.
  14. He is expected to be the DH today. But based on yesterdays actions and the comments from the manager prior, it already seems reminiscent of the last injury debacle. Extremely unfortunate for those in a championship battle depending on him. Hopefully he plays it out.
  15. Very true. Now I'm not suggesting what they are doing is right, but a lot of his actions suggest there may be more truth to their claims than not. But of course we certainly don't know everything going on with his body and shouldn't pretend to. All of that aside, I'm of the belief that he doesn't truly "love" baseball. The only time I can actually remember seeing joy regularly on his face was during the home run derby years ago. Since then, and before, it strikes me as more of a paycheck than anything else. Cespedes is someone I routinely ignore in drafts and fantasy as a whole.
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