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  1. Open to lots of other leagues too, if you see this and need someone pls contact me @ goulsonmitch@gmail.com
  2. Very interested to learn more if you still have the space. Goulsonmitch@gmail.com
  3. Very active player, trader, looking for a roto Yahoo league. Preferably with heavy keepers and auction drafts, let me know if anyone has a spot open as I think I’d be a great addition
  4. Lol mine’s goulsonmitch@gmail.com , same interest. Preferably roto. Love trading, talking baseball
  5. Email is goulsonmitch@gmail.com if there’s still a spot open, I’d like to learn more
  6. Interested if you have the spot open still, goulsonmitch@gmail.com
  7. Definitely interested if you still have space. Email me at goulsonmitch@gmail.com if you have that spot open
  8. This seems like a crazy league, possibly interested if you still have space. Email me at goulsonmitch@gmail.com if there’s room.
  9. First year league looking for 2 more guys. On Yahoo, draft is Wednesday 3/15 at 9:30 Eastern Time. 5x5 roto. Email meiro.ronnie@gmail.com if you’re interested. If we don’t get to 12, we will still proceed with 10, so try and let us know your interest by tonight, Tuesday.
  10. Been searching for a roto league opening unsuccessfully. I’ve won my league back to back years, but heard some great things about dynasty. Preferably, I’d like it to be roto as well. If anyone knows any leagues with an open owner spot, please contact me. Goulsonmitch@gmail.com. -devoted, active owner
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