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  1. My outfield is set: Harper, Blackmon, Rosario and Upton. I’d play him at 1st or utility, but that’s if he was hitting well.
  2. Someone dropped Cody Bellinger in my 8-team league. I feel like I have to claim him since he was so good last year. Is he bound to start hitting eventually? I have Hoskins and Aguilar at 1st base
  3. Firstly, I think it's a strong possibility they leave him in the minors the entire season. Secondly, if they are planning on calling him up, it might very soon. If he's called up after June 1st (today) then he is eligible for salary arbitration after three years as opposed to two years if he was called up before June 1st. They could've been waiting until literally today to call him up. If their not contending though, they might leave him in the minors the entire season so they have an additional year of control on him and don't waste a year of control for half a season of play when they are no
  4. I'd go with DeGrom. I still don't quite understand how you do not keep him though.
  5. How many keepers are you allowed? Are Ks and K/9 both categories?
  6. I have Hoskins on my 8-team league. I'm just keeping him on the bench until he starts hitting, and I'm confident he'll turn it on eventually. He's not dropable. If you need to make room, do a 2 for 1 trade
  7. No, it comes up with an error since I already used all of my moves for the week. Just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this situation. Players won’t technically come off of waivers or be claimed until about 4:00 am est, so I’ll give it a shot a 3:00 am.
  8. Someone dropped two closers in my league and I was planning on putting a waiver claim on one of them. Problem is, I already used all five of the allowed moves for the week. They come off waivers tomorrow (new week). Is there anyway I could put a claim in at 3:00 am (first minute of new week) to claim one of them off of waivers? Yahoo league and I have waiver priority 3
  9. "Due to the fact he’s going into the rotation at the end of May or in June, he should be able to go really as much as you could hope. I don’t think he will have a cap," -Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mozeliak
  10. If I had to choose from the offers you listed, I'd choose Albies and Bellinger
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