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  1. Another save today. Like I said, he is just fine.
  2. Kyle Freeland. 4-1 in the past month, he has been ballin' out. Down to a 3.17 ERA and 1.15 WHIP. He has a favorable matchup coming up against the (mostly) listless Dodger's offense.
  3. Go with Seranthony. Most upside of the three.
  4. Yup, it's a risk worth taking though, especially in leagues where innings pitched count. Dude pitched close to 200 innings last year, and he's been durable so far this year. As volatile as he is, that should be worth more than his current 7% ownership rate.
  5. Yes, which is why Gsellman got the opportunity. Still, it's nice to know that we may have a closer if Familia goes down with injury.
  6. Giles with the save. He has converted all 8 of his save opportunities. Great draft day value.
  7. He's been playing very well lately, I'm surprised he's only 8% owned, whereas Peacock is 40% owned.
  8. I'm holding. 10 saves is more saves than you'll be able to find on pretty much any wire.
  9. He has 10 saves, tied for 5th best in the league, with 4 coming in the last 2 weeks, he's fine. It's not like there are many better options on the wire right now either.
  10. Clayton Richard. Has looked great his last 3 starts, 2nd in innings pitched, 2-1, 2.70 ERA, 0.86 WHIP. Facing a weak Dodger's lineup. Only 7% owned. If you need a starter, you can do worse. He deserves a shot.
  11. Richard Rodriguez with another clean inning of work. Potential closer in waiting.
  12. Another clean inning of work. This man deserves more love. Also, here's a good read: https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-pirates-have-won-the-lottery/ Think Josh Hader, but he's only owned in 1% of leagues. 1 freaking percent! Bump!
  13. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/padres-clayton-richard-shuts-down-pirates-in-win/ OK, we all know he had a bad year last year, but he's been great his last 3 starts. He pitches deep into games, and he gets a solid amount of strikeouts. The fact that he doesn't have a thread yet is crazy. I'm not saying he's an automatic pickup, but he wouldn't be a bad option at the end of your bench either.
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