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  1. Need some last minute advice!!! I need to pick two teams this week. Most top teams have been picked already. One pick will definitely be the Cards. My other options are 49ers/Cowboys or Bears/Vikings, or the Texans over the Colts or Raiders over the Chargers. I lean towards the Raiders with some thought given to picking the Bears or 49ers. What do y'all think??
  2. I'm split between choose Chargers over the Jets or Dolphins over the Broncos. I figure if I choose the Chargers this week I can pick the Dolphins over the Jets next week...but the Jets do have to win at least one game at some point, right? They nearly pulled it off against the Pats last week! Perhaps picking against them could be a trap... Anyone have any thoughts?
  3. Dropped Jackson to pick him up over Ballage since it looks like Pope gets the receptions (1/2pt PPR). I have Ekeler on IR so hopefully I can ride Pope until Ekeler returns for week 12.
  4. What's everyone thinking with picking him up for next week with David Johnson probably out? He worth using a high WW spot on in 1/2pt PPR?
  5. I'm in the same boat with you about NE! Ended up choosing the Titans instead...one of the few good teams I've yet to pick.
  6. Is the Colts D/ST pretty much droppable at this point? As great as they have been, the only remaining weeks I could see them being startable are week 13 (Houston) and week 17 (Jacksonville). Also - anyone have thoughts on Miami's D/ST? They seem to have a better schedule coming up. Maybe I'll swap out the Colts for them...
  7. Which should I start as my second RB? 1/2pt PPR. Initially was going to start Hasty but now that Coleman will play I'm not sure what the better option is...thoughts/
  8. Thoughts on Titans over the Bengals? I've already burned the Chiefs. A bit hesitant about picking the Rams.
  9. Almost on my command! I suppose now I wish for a million dollars...
  10. Need the Chiefs D to step it up today! Help me get this W - for both my fantasy and survivor leagues...
  11. Is JRob looking as bad as the statline shows? Very disappointed so far.
  12. League is 1/2 pt PPR. I keep wanting to believe Hurst will start raking in receptions, but maybe I'm just fooling myself...
  13. Drafting Tarik Cohen and trading away Conner thinking Cohen was going to step up this year was...a bad move.
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